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Name Company Position
Gigi Lee Y&R Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Emir Shafri Y&R Malaysia Creative Director
Joshua Tay Y&R Malaysia Creative Director
How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Nicole Sue Tan Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Gigi Lee Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Claira Chan Y&R Malaysia Copywriter
Emir Shafri Y&R Malaysia Copywriter
How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Designer
Nicole Sue Tan Y&R Malaysia Designer
Ezra Quek Xian Huat Y&R Malaysia Designer
Chan Wai Guan Y&R Malaysia Designer
How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Nicole Sue Tan Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Ezra Quek Xian Huat Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Chan Wai Guan Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Typographer
Nicole Sue Tan Y&R Malaysia Typographer
Image Rom - Photographer
Lisa Hezila Y&R Malaysia Account Supervisor
Michelle Ngu Y&R Malaysia Account Supervisor
TL Tan Y&R Malaysia Art Buyer
Louie Hoo Y&R Malaysia Art Buyer
Robert Aw Y&R Malaysia Agency Producer
Motionrom - Film/Production
Zen Salon - Mid Valley - Hairstyle
Hoffset Printing - Printer
KB Colour Image - Printer
Valerie Siah Luxasia (M) Sdn Bhd Marketing Executive

The Campaign

We created the Hair Menu, an in-store tool to let customers see the hairstyle they want before “ordering” it. The Hair Menu comes in a set of 2 – male and female – and consists of a total of 20 menu cards. Each menu card features a distinct and bold hairstyle. All customers need to do is to simply select a hairstyle of their choice and then put it onto their heads, all with the guidance of the hairstylist. Once customers have decided on the hairstyle, a simple styling guide on the back page of the menu card will help stylists create the look, and enable customers to recreate it themselves with Wella products. A low-tech-and-high-impact tool, the Hair Menu is not only easy to use but cost effective as well.

Creative Execution

We started by working with one of the best Wella Professionals’ salons, Zen Salon, to curate 20 fun and bold hairstyles. All of which were uniquely distinct from each other in length, colour and styles to give the menu a rich variation. Then, we shot these hairstyles on a white background, and placed them onto individual and colourful menu cards to enhance the fun and bold expression. After which, the menu cards were compiled into two booklets, one for male and one for female. Each menu card has a die-cut – the size of a standard face shape – in the middle for customers to put their faces in to see themselves in that hair. On the back, there’s also a simple styling guide with the recommended Wella products to style that particular hair. Letting stylists create the look and customers to recreate them at home.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Hair Menu was well received by customers. Not only did we have 73% of customers trying new hairstyles, there was also a 31% increase in customer satisfaction after using the Hair Menu, compared to the previous period without Hair Menu. Also, due to more new hairstyle trials, we also had 46% more customers trying out Wella products they’ve never tried before. As for hairstylists, they also found the Hair Menu to be very useful in increasing their Wella product sales and customers. In fact, there was a 28% increase in Wella sales after the Hair Menu was launched. All in all, both sides reacted favourably to the Hair Menu.

Malaysians are a fashion-conscious bunch. But when it comes to hairstyles, they tend to stay with their usual hairstyles instead of exploring wilder choices, as they don’t know how bad the result might be. Hence, these are the people that Hair Menu was targeted at. With Wella Professionals being a brand that believes in bold expression, we then went back to the old saying, “Seeing is believing”, to make Hair Menu a tool that lets customers try on bold hairstyles before getting their desired one. Thus, helping them change hairstyles confidently.