Product / ServiceSNICKERS
CategoryA06. Best Use or Integration of Experiential Events
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company:I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

SNICKERS has built a global campaign around the idea that "YOU ARE NOT YOU WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY". SNICKERS has a minor share in the highly competitive market. TV advertising also hasn't reached to young target's as before. To deliver this idea "YOU ARE NOT YOU WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY", we needed to develop an innovative content that stimulates young targets.


We invited an audience to the live event and broadcasted on the internet.

To promote this idea further, we wanted to take that metaphorical idea, and make it a reality. We hired a professional hypnotist to use his magical influence to make people hungry. That stimulated young people's curiosity and their natural challenging spirit.

・Sales on that day were recorded the highest ever, 153% above average. (Campaign period sales increased 140%, compared with the same peroid of last year) ・2,650,000 media impressions ・Participants from more than 50 countries


Name Company Position
Masaki Honda I&S BBDO Inc. Creative Director/Planner/
Douta Kawai I&S BBDO Inc. Planner
Sei Sugiyama I&S BBDO Inc. Planner/Art Director
Kumaki Tatsuro I&S BBDO Inc. Planner
Yosuke Yamauchi I&S BBDO Inc. Strategic Planner
Manabe Kairi I&S BBDO Inc. Planner/Web Director
Kanou Ishikawa Niban-Kohboh Production Producer
Makoto Aoki Niban-Kohboh Production Producer
Kousuke Kumakura Niban-Kohboh Production Producer
Masaki Furukawa Niban-Kohboh Production Director
Yoshitomo Yao Niban-Kohboh Production Manager
Jyunji Shigegaki Frontier Producer
Naoki Ono Frontier Manager
Yukihiro Iwayama Producer
Youdou Kuroki D-Zero Producer
Kazuaki Tabuchi D-Zero Producer
Keisuke Yashiro D-Zero Web Designer
Keisuke Imamura D-Zero Flash
Kentaro Masui D-Zero Coder
Katsuo Cameraman/Graphic