Grand Prix
Product / ServiceINTERNAVI
CategoryC06. Other Digital Channels
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takeshi Imai Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Project Director
Tadafumi Nogawa/Aiko Sugawara Honda Motor Co., Ltd. System Architecture Designer
Kaoru Sugano Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Creative Technologist
Kyoko Yonezawa Dentsu Inc. Creative Technologist
Seiichi Saito Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd. Producer/Technical Director
Hiroyuki Hori Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd. Technical Director/Software Engineer
Akira Hayasaka Software Engineer
Yu Orai Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Ryuta Modeki Twotone Inc. Art Director
Kotaro Yamaguchi Art Director
Yusuke Nishida Twotone Inc. Designer
Sotaro Yasumochi/Nadya Kirillova Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Hiroko Ise/Yuhei Urano Dentsu Inc. Text Data Mining
Taeji Sawai Qosmo/Inc. Sound Designer
Keisuke Arikuni Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd. Assistant Director
Takao Kaburaki/Takuma Sato Dentsu Inc. Account Director
Haruhiko Ishikawa Shipoo Inc. Producer
Ken Imamura/Akihiro Mikawa/Yuichiro Ishido Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Client Supervisor

Brief Explanation

March 11, 2011, the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami hit Japan. Roads in the region were affected and traffic was put to a complete stop. Within 20 hours after the earthquake, Honda quickly responded to the critical situation by providing road information collected real-time via the Internavi system installed on vehicles. By plotting these real-time data on a map, usable roads are visualized. Information was provided on the internet and through Google Map. Internavi became an indispensible tool for the nation. Furthermore, Honda exhibited this information about road repairs, which represents how Japan stood together and began to rebuild after the disaster.


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