Product / ServiceKIT KAT CHUNKY 3
CategoryA05. Best Use or Integration of User-Generated Content
Contributing Company:STUDIO 33 Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

In Australia, branded content is the new black. Spurred by marketers need to engage with consumers on their terms and through diverse channels, every production company in Australia is predicting that branded content and branded entertainment will be the #1 revenue generator in the next 12 months. Far from imposing restrictions, most TV networks are becoming more open than ever to collaborating with brands to produce co- or fully-funded content for their growing number of digital channels. The real challenge with the production of branded content everywhere is two-fold: ensuring that it remains engaging and compelling to its target audience whilst not falling prey to the temptations of simply making an extended version of a TVC! This is the story of Kit Kat’s first foray into the ever-changing world of branded content, and demonstrates how it led to the Kit Kat Chunky 3 campaign being voted the most successful brand launch of 2011 by the biggest grocery retailer in Australia!


In 2011, Kit Kat were preparing to launch their latest innovation in chocolate, the Chunky 3 in Australia. Going up against Mars Caramel in a declining chocolate market, our challenge and objectives were clear - we needed to re-ignite young Aussie blokes love of chocolate and make Chunky 3 the No. 1 chocolate bar of choice! Our strategy was simple. We knew these blokes spent hours online watching videos, movie trailers and stunts so we put digital and content creation at the heart of our campaign. Kit Kat Chunky 3 wanted to make break times bigger and better. With that in mind, we resolved to give our Aussie blokes a man-sized break they would never forget. In short, we offered one brave soul the chance to appear on national TV in their very own 3 minute action film - the Ultimate Kit Kat Chunky Break. We hosted a call -out video on Kit Kat's Youttube channel, to find our KKC3 Hero and invited blokes to show off the skills that would make them the best man for the job. With the chance to become a real-life action hero and win $10,000, we received videos from all over Australia. After 6 weeks of voting, our winner was announced. 20 year old Chris who wowed us with his silky footie skills! We sent Chris off to stunt school where he uploaded daily video diaries. Finally, we filmed our Chunky hero maximizing his break the chunky way.... a cliff, down a highwire, into the back of a moving speedboat. We promoted the film for 2 weeks on TV using animated trailers. The Ultimate Chunky 3 break debuted during the 3 minute break of the ever-popular Hamish and Andy Show.

A 90” call to action video was housed on the Kit Kat Chunky 3 YouTube (YT) channel and Facebook page. User-generated video submissions were uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel & distributed via existing Kit Kat owned assets as well as paid distribution platforms. Viewers and entrants of the competition were encouraged to vote online for their favourite. The Ultimate Chunky Break film itself was promoted on TV for 2 weeks via animated trailers and debuted during The Hamish & Andy Show Viewers were then directed to the YT channel and KKC3 platforms to watch the winner’s story in full.

The results speak for themselves: Kit Kat Chunky 3 became the no 1 selling chocolate bar in Australia within just one month of launch. Not only did the film get seen on national TV by over 600,000 people, but so far there have been also been nearly 400,000 views of the all the content online. Woolworths, Australia's biggest grocery retailer, voted the Kit Kat Chunky 3 campaign the '2011 Product Launch of the Year' across ALL FMCG categories. The Ultimate Chunky Break film continues to be showcased globally within Nestlé as best practice for branded content. Chris Beavon went on to compete in the World Freestyle Football Championship in Kuala Lumpur and became a real life Aussie hero! He still eats a Kit Kat Chunky 3 every day...


Name Company Position
Jessica Barnes Nestle Senior Brand Manager
Vicki Connerty ZenithOptimedia Head Of Newcast
Jason Smith ZenithOptimedia Strategic Business Director
Steve Fontanot Chieftain Communications Creative Director
Adrian Hyde Studio 33 Executive Producer
Katie Trew 9mm Creative Director