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CategoryA10. Best Integrated Content Campaign


Name Company Position
Seung Tack Kim Hyundai Motor Company Head Of Global Business Division
Chul Hwan Kim Hyundai Motor Company Head Of Overseas Marketing Group
Woo June Cha Hyundai Motor Company Deputy General Manager
Yong Kim Hyundai Motor Company Deputy General Manager
Gwan Soo Kim Hyundai Motor Company Manger
Steve Jun Innocean Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Jason Cho Innocean Worldwide Creative Director
Jinny Kim Innocean Worldwide Director
Hyung Sung Kim Innocean Worldwide Producer
Min Suk Kim Innocean Worldwide Account Manager
Soo Jung Jung Innocean Worldwide Account Manager
Jonathan Oliver Microsoft Advertising Senior Digital Strategist
Nancy Willis Microsoft Advertising Global Account Director

The Campaign

Branded Entertainment is a balancing act. Brands tend to impose more ‘brand’ while publishers push for more ‘entertainment.’ Regulations vary across markets, making implementation a complex process. Keeping the audience entertained long enough to place product is no longer enough. With the rise of social media and mobile, audiences need engagement as much they desire entertainment. Today’s consumer is an active participate in digital storytelling, creating a shift in the implementation of branded entertainment campaigns. Content needs to be rich, immersive and most importantly, easily shareable by the audience. Hyundai required a consistent approach that could be implemented globally and cost effectively. Hyundai was beholden to the editorial integrity of all content and stipulated a need for “subtle integration of brand and product.” The challenge was to run the campaign across three regions. We faced a myriad of regulations, from laissez faire in emerging markets like Brazil to more restrictive in mature markets like Australia. We were confronted by the vast complexities of our audience profiles, impacted by variables such different cultural background, consumer behaviors and media consumption patterns.


Hyundai released their new brand position ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ in early 2011. We were challenged to drive global awareness, engage consumers and increase brand love for the Asia-based company. Hyundai required a concept to reach broad audiences with branding yet be personal enough to captivate their attention and encourage action. Our solution was to create a content-rich and socially-enabled digital experience: The New Thinker’s Index. Designed to inspire new thinking, the branded entertainment experience ran globally across seven key markets, multiple screens, and different devices. It focused on themes to inspire the audience rather than promote product. Our concept focused on three experiences: 1. Lean Back: We created an online experience filled with entertaining content to engage the personal passions of the audience with global appeal. Designed to challenge traditional thinking and inspire new perspective, we created 22 films, galleries and articles with celebrities and experts like Kevin Spacy, Ian Wright and Alvin Leung. We also created five films focused on Hyundai’s passion for recycling, environmental art and design by nature. 2. Lean Forward: We allowed users to be part of the campaign through the interactive element, The Thinkers Test. Created with a leading psychologist, the three-minute test helped answer the question: “What kind of thinker are you?” Users could compare how they think with celebrities and historical figures and share results with friends across social media. 3. Wherever, Whenever: We adopted an integrated, multiscreen strategy that included PC, television, table and mobile, Microsoft properties, Hyundai properties, and social media. Supported by editorial and media, bespoke campaigns were built on MSN, Xbox, Facebook and mobile to engage users wherever and whenever they were online.

The New Thinkers Index created a rich and social digital experience across devices to engage a broad audience using celebrities like Kevin Spacey, Ian Write, Lily Cole and Alvin Leung and topics like recycling and environmental art. The experience was supported by Microsoft properties (MSN, Messenger, Xbox) and enabled users to extend the conversation to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). We allowed users to be part of the campaign through the Thinkers Test to answer the question: “What kind of thinker are you?” Users could compare results with celebrities and historical figures and share with friends on social media.

The New Thinker’s Index got noticed: • Display Media: 220 million impressions • Xbox: 6 million impressions • Mobile: 25 million impressions • PR: 73 articles across target markets, including Campaign Asia-Pacific (Nov 2011) It got people involved: • Unique visits to hub: 3.1 million people • Total video views: 2.8 million • Average time spent on hub: 7.2 minutes • Total time with brand: 28.4 years • Number of people that took the test: 248,000 • Click-through-rate to official site: 2.73% • Hyundai’s Facebook page: More than 2 million fans • New Thinker’s Facebook page: 8,768 fans and 8,253 shares of the films • Fans reached through celebrity sharing: Kevin Spacey (2.1 million) and Jessie J (1.9 million) Hyundai's brand measures rose dramatically: • Awareness: Increased by 2.8 times • Slogan awareness: Increased by 90% • Spontaneous brand linkage to slogan: Increased by 114% • Awareness of the Velostar, the main model featured in the project: Increased 2.82 times Most importantly, we achieved a great business outcome for Hyundai: • Market share in Europe: Increased from 2.2% to 2.6%