Bronze Spike

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Product / ServiceHONDA
CategoryA09. Best Use or Integration of Gaming and/or Digital Media
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company:KAIBUTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Ryoichi Nakano Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Yusuke Kitani Kaibutsu Inc. Creative Director/Art Director
Naoki Tanaka Dentsu Inc. Copywriter/Planner
Mitsuhiro Ichiba Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Roy Ryo Tsukiji Birdman Inc. Director
Youichi Kanazawa Birdman Inc. Technical Director
Nobuaki Arikata Birdman Inc. Flash Programmer
Takeru Kobayashi 29970 Programmer
Junichi Arakawa Birdman Inc. Cg Designer
Masanobu Ishii Kaibutsu Inc. Designer
Sanako Ukon Kaibutsu Inc. Designer
Mery Hayama Kaibutsu Inc. Designer
Shojiro Nakaoka Bitztream Sound Director
Hiroki Ono Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc. Film Director
Syunsuke Nakamura Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc. Film Producer
Yoshihiro Asada Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc. Video Pm
Takayuki Inase Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc. Video Pm
Masafumi Maruyama Dentsu Inc. Account Executive
Yoshifumi Nakagawa Dentsu Inc. Account Executive


Objective: The Japanese car industry is facing a major decrease in number of people driving cars, and children not having a chance to interact with cars have become a big issue. We want to have children experience the fun of driving, and offer an unforgettable FIRST EXPERIENCE. Challenge: To have children experience the fun of driving through a special way, for little children who cannot actually drive yet. Solution: We invented the world’s first car that runs on face recognition technology. Execution: We did a surprise exhibition of the machine as if it’s a car, at a motor show where over 200,000 people gather. On the first day, we saw 200 smiles from children who drove for the first time, and over 200,000 smiles including the spectators around. Furthermore, the news spread world wide through TV and SNS, created over 100,000,000 smiles.

We uploaded a teaser on YouTube and Honda’s Facebook page 5 days before the campaign. We also revealed it as news to various media and gained attention. Furthermore, for we did a surprise exhibition of the machine as if it’s a car, at a motor show where over 200,000 people and media gather.

The smiles of children who experienced the machine spread through social media, news websites and TV to over 120 countries, and over 100,000,000 households. Furthermore, as a secondary result, we were able to communicate the brand message of “FUN with cars” through the movies. And since it was very popular and favoured by the users, it was presented in Honda hosted events all over Japan.