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Product / ServiceMAKE.BELIEVE
CategoryA06. Best Use or Integration of Experiential Events
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu/Hiroki Nakamura/Naoki Ito/Morihiro Harano Creative Director/Technical Director
Masashi Kawamura/Hirofumi Tsukamoto Director
Koji Harada Cinematographer
Kiyoshi Nakagawa Lighting Director
Etsuko Akiba/magma/Toshiyuki Yashima Set Designer
Daisuke Nakamura/Masami Onodera Technical Director
Nobuo Hara Director/Digital Contents
Yusuke Kitani/Sanako Ukon (Kaibutsu) Art Director/Digital Contents
Takayuki Watanabe Web Director
Seiichi Saito/Motoi Ishibashi/Hiroyuki Hori/Kanta Horio/Tatsuya Motoki Device
Hiroshi Sawatari/Hiroyuki Mikami (salvo) Flash
Shojiro Nakaoka Sound
Hironobu Oda/Seiki Nakayama (FISHGROVE) Back-End System
Koji Hasegawa Technical Manager/Tv
Takayuki Akiyoshi/Jun Shimoyamada/Zen Tachikawa Advertiser's Supervisor
Ray Konishi/Yosuke Mamiya/Yasumasa Uemura/Jun Ogawa/Misato Shimizu/Ichiro Fujita/Yoshiharu Tanizawa Account Manager
Satoshi Takahashi/Yoichiro Kakuta/Masanori Shimizu/Hideya Takita Producer
Sachie Aihara/Maiko Shimada/Chiho Araki Production Manager
Yasuhisa Osawa/Yosuke Maguchi/Naoki Moriyama Production Assistant
Motoko Shimizu Project Manager
Bascule/TBS/GOOMO/Taiyo Kikaku/Rhizomatiks/KAIBUTSU/salvo/FISHGROVE/bitztream Production Company

The Campaign

In Japan, terrestrial broadcasting is still quite popular and so the TV advertising market is still thriving. Because of this environment, majority of the advertising of TV are commercials, and even sponsoring a program is not yet popular. Considering such situation, it is not an easy challenge for and advertiser to take a lead in designing a TV show.


Two weeks before the show, we announced the idea of creating the world's first 'live interactive music video' and invited the audience to participate in a live broadcasting TV show. We chose to work with the Sony Music artist Karmin and create a video for their track 'Crash Your Party.' The audiences were encouraged to download the 'Dot Switch' app to their smartphone and tablet devices, prior to the airing. As they are watching the show on TV, they were able to push the 'Dot' on the app, and the 13 machines on the set either 'Crashed' or 'Failed' depending on the total number of pushes, and became a part of the music video. The names of participants appeared on the 'Social Board' in the set and also as subtitles. The live broadcast was streamed on the site simultaneously, and people without smartphones were also able to join in from their browsers. The completed music video was shared on YouTube, which had an end credit with all the names of people that particpated during the show.

Our idea was to create 'the world's first live interactive music video' by inviting the audience to participate in making a music video for Karmin on a live broadcasting TV program. After the airing, the show was also edited into a music video with all the participants name listed in the end credits, to maintain the buss and to thank all the fans.

More than twenty thousand people have participated in this program from the app and website, and the total of over seven million pushes were recorded. Among the 13 machines, 11 of them were successfully activated, and 2 of them failed, which actually authenticity to the live show. As a result, the program has generated huge amount of publicity which was equivalent to 130 million yen. Also those engaged with the campaign showed the willingness to recommend the Sony Brand by 20 % more than those without, and successfully revitalized the Sony brand. So far, the completed music video has gained over hundred thousand views on YouTube/