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Product / ServiceB'LUE
CategoryA09. Best Use or Integration of Gaming and/or Digital Media

The Campaign

In India, there's lot of branded content in the marketplace - some compelling, some not. Most commonly found branded content is in the form of sponsorship. Unfortunately, in many cases, the content overshadows the brand. They may deliver great entertainment value, but often fail in highlighting brand attributes.


The task was to launch Danone Narang’s new beverage 'B’lue' in Pune and connect with the youth through its philosophy. We roped in a Pune-based and nationally popular band Agnee to create a song and drafted the lyrics based on B’lue’s philosophy - Reveal Yourself. However, as often seen with other branded content, we didn’t want Agnee’s composition to overpower the brand. Which is why, we designed a special Facebook app-based game that allowed users to engage with the lyrics (centered around B'lue's philosophy). We muted the vocals and launched the track as a silent music video (B’lue undisclosed in this phase) through the app. Users had to lip-read and guess the lyrics. Based on the correct words guessed, they got a score. What's more, on replaying the silent video, the correct words unmuted automatically. Signatures from Agnee Merchandise was offered as a prize. Clues were given out to drive the engagement further - Like dumb charades by the band's leading singers, crossword and lip-reading tutorials. The innovative concept received extensive media coverage. Campus posters, DMs and Facebook ads further boosted the buzz. The branded content (music video) served like a game, which was a unique and ideal format to engage the youth with the brand philosophy. People competed to reveal more and more words, making our branded content addictive. After a week, with curiosity and engagement at their peaks, B’lue revealed its association and released the unmuted video.

Agnee is a nationally popular, Pune-based band. The news that it had come up with a silent music video created a lot of buzz. The unusual contest, which asked people to guess the lyrics & unmute the music video through a unique app, also propelled the excitement further. People tweeted about it, shared updates from the band’s facebook page, media wrote about it - and the app became popular. Posters, emailers, DMs and Facebook ads also drove people to check out the silent music video and try the app.

In just 1 week, the unmuted video fetched 150,000 + views. 1 song had engaged, 150,000 lyricists. The media covered it extensively. Agnee Fb page witnessed 350% increase in weekly reach. The unmuted video earned over 5 lac views (B’lue Fb page & Youtube combined) in one week. B'lue Fb page's likes (fan base) increased by 20%. Today, everyone is singing the brand philosophy.


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