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The Campaign

Chinese New Year is the most important and traditional festival in the lunar calendar. Many business and brands use this occasion fight for the market share. Every brand tries to move their consumers so as to move their brands, by posting print ads and setting up promotion booths everywhere. But Pepsi believe what truly moves the consumers is to offer them something for real. That is what the government and National Broadcasting and Television Bureau insists to follow 'being real', not just bragging about the product which is completely not matching with the actual one.


Inspired by the insight that consumers don't go home for various reasons during the Spring Festival, our story starts from the scene when the father receives his children’s calls that they can’t go home to celebrate the Spring Festival with him. Although the father feels depressed , he still accepts their decisions. The father eventually meets a mysterious character and invites him home. Upon knowing the children are not returning home, we see the mysterious character using the three products with 'Happy(乐)' meaning (Pepsi Cola, Lays, Tropicana) as triggers to recall their happy childhood memories with their father. The three children are touched and realize that going home is the biggest happiness one can bring to their homes . Hence, the three children finally go home and enjoy the happy moment with their father.

Chinese New Year is the most important and traditional festival in the lunar calendar. Therefore, people will usually go home to have gathering dinner with their family on the new year's evening. However, nowadays, young people have their own plan about the festival, such as travelling with friends or having additional work to handle. However, parents always expect their children to be with them at this traditional festival, so when seeing this mini movie, the audience could exactly feel the same emotion as the characters' presents.

The Pepsi let 25,000,000 chinese realize that they need to go home and have dinner with their family at the evening of chinese new year. The Video was played 100,000,000 times. The Media Value exceeded 28,000,000 USD. The Video was reposted and commented 5,000,000 times.


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