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The Campaign

In recent years, POND’s has shifted to target a younger generation. For 2012, POND’s planned to be recognized as the brand that value most on skincare and become the first choice product on their shopping list for young girls, by creating maximized buzz on major digital platforms in annual online activities. Since 2011, trendy dramas have become very popular in Taiwan, among which love stories are the 1 ranking. Being the target audiences for POND’s makeup remover series, the idea to target 20-30 year-old young girls in the form of a trendy drama, seemed to be a perfect choice. Meanwhile, the length of a trendy drama is advantageous for a comprehensive communication of makeup bi-effects, and for demonstration of a handy product. As a result, a micro movie - 'The Two Faces of Love' - that circled around female love stories, came alive.


Objectives: To be recognized as the brand that values most on skincare and become the first choice product on the shopping lists of 20-30 -year-old young girls. Challenge: How to promote the complete makeup remover series, fit the audience's tastes and grasp their attention continuously, is the biggest challenge of all. Strategy: To catch their eye, we were inspired by Taiwanese young females love lives and created a micro movie named 'The two faces of Love' for screening on a official website; YouTube Brand Channel and Yahoo Taiwan. Furthermore, we played the micro movie in several episodes to attract continuous re-visits. Execution: In the micro movie, Lara played 2 roles: Lara, the glamorous singer with impeccable makeup and Miss P, the girl next-door without makeup on. Miss P bumped into a boy, Jay, who was working in a record store and happened to be a huge fan of Lara, the singer. A sweet, yet tangled, romance was developed from here. The micro movie came with 6 episodes, sketching vividly the double mindsets of a woman when facing love and echoed in TA’s hearts.

In teaser-stage, we set up the fan page on behalf of the leading actress in the show and raised sensational questions such as "Which one is the real you? With or without make up?”. The DJs took turns helping solve fans love dilemmas in opposite points of view and attracted over 40 thousand call-in. After micro movie launch, it accumulated over 1million viewers and received feverish responses from digital platforms. Not only did we utilize paid and owned media to create impressive result, we gained countless earned media from fan’s active sharing, domestic newspapers and magazine reporting.

The micro movie has created a great buzz on major digital platforms and accumulated over 1million viewers. Meanwhile, official website collected 160,000 visits with average time oon the site of 10mins, which is about double the time compared to other activity sites. All in all, the micro movie has successfully attracted the attention and visit rate of the young generation! This series of promotion activities were highly recognized by corporate clients and received requests for numerous interviews by well-known domestic magazines. Hundreds and thousands of fans flooded the Facebook fan page to share their thoughts after seeing the micro movie. The response was so feverish that the theme song was reproduced as a limited digital single album with exploding downloads. 'The Two Faces of Love' is the first ever micro movie about a makeup remover brand in Taiwan. We thought outside of the box and successfully caught the audeince attention. Not only did we achieve impressive statistic figures, we also gained countless earned media effect.


Name Company Position
Tony Liu Webgene Information/Inc. Creative Director
John Yang Bremen Digital Creative/Inc. Executive Director
James Tung Webgene Information/Inc. Project Director
Flair Cheng Webgene Information/Inc. Associate Project Director
Doris Chou Webgene Information/Inc. Senior Project Planner
Yvonne Wang Bremen Digital Creative/Inc. Associate Account Director
Domingo Yu Webgene Information/Inc. Art Director
Ho Tsui Webgene Information/Inc. Copy Director
Cecilia Shin Bremen Digital Creative/Inc. Associate Copy Director
Kin Chen Webgene Information/Inc. Interactive Media Director
Vicky Lu Webgene Information/Inc. Senior User Experience Designer
Peter Hsu Webgene Information/Inc. Senior Interactive Media Designer
Parris Chou Webgene Information/Inc. Copywriter
Evan Yen Webgene Information/Inc. Senior Interactive Developer
Swin Liu Webgene Information/Inc. Interactive Developer
Chris Lin Webgene Information/Inc. Internet Developer