Product / ServiceKFC ROASTA BURGER
CategoryA02. Best Use of Magazines/Newspapers


Name Company Position
Charmaine Deng Mindshare Singapore Executive Director
Millicent Tan Mindshare Singapore Associate Manager
Christopher Yong Grey Singapore Senior Account Director
Carryn Francis Grey Singapore Account Manager

Results and Effectiveness

The campaign that had "news" and dailies at it's heart delivered outstanding business results and impact. 1) We delivered brand reappraisal: 75% of consumers had a better opinion of KFC 2) We were back on the consideration list: More than 80% visitors said they would return 3) We exceeded sales targets by 40% 4) 7 in 10 consumers surveyed liked the creative buy on Today 5) Showcase as case study by MediaCorp CEO on stage to more than 2,000 top clients during a massive media event as the best innovation on newspaper

Creative Execution

Our strategy: Make KFC the juiciest headline in town Newspapers with their natural strength in bringing our proposition to life provided the springboard to launch our campaign while driving high levels of awareness. To truly make headline news we worked on delivering a media first with the leading commuter paper "TODAY" We owned the masthead for the day and it was changed to "JUICIEST NEWS TODAY" This was coupled with a stick-on advertisement below with a visual of an oven. Readers were invited to peel open the oven door to reveal the new KFC Roasta burger as the juiciest news. A large team was arranged to manually stick on the 'oven' on the paper's entire circulation of 300,000 copies overnight and delivered to homes and MRT stations at 6am the next morning. Commuters were seen curiously peeling open the oven cover while waiting on platforms.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Research showed a strong emergence of health conscious consumers who visited KFC less often as fried chicken was deemed unhealthy, resulting in a high percentage of lapsed users, and low visit frequency. Our challenge lay in overcoming consumer perceptions:- KFC = Only good fried chicken + unhealthy To combat this, KFC launched 'Roasta Burger' to revitalize the brand in offering wider variety, and a healthy alternate to help correct the existing perception Our objectives: 1. Trigger a reappraisal of the brand - 'KFC was not only about fried chicken' 2. Drive appetite appeal and trials of the new non-fried product 3. Improve frequency of visits and sales target by 5% Our strategy was built on two key insights: a. Key attribute of 'juiciness' drove high levels of appetite appeal and intention to try b. Buzz on food grabs attention and drives urgency/ reason on trials