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Product / ServiceAUDI A8
CategoryC01. Integrated Media Campaign
Advertising Agency:CREATIVELAND ASIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Sajan Raj Kurup Creativeland Asia Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter
Vikram Gaikwad Creativeland Asia Executive Creative Director
Anu Joseph Creativeland Asia Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
Vinit Bharucha Creativeland Asia Copywriter
Siddhartha Menon Creativeland Asia Copywriter
Bryan Elijah Creativeland Asia Art Director
Kiran Nandwani Creativeland Asia Account Producer
Aditya Subramaniam Creativeland Asia Account Supervisor
Prince Jacob Thomas Creativeland Asia Senior Creative Knowledge Partner
Satya Shetty Creativeland Asia Chief Implementation Officer
Dharini Desai Creativeland Asia Digital Media Planner
Sajiv Kurup Crocodile Films Executive Producer
The Mill Film Production Company

Results and Effectiveness

More than 50,000 people took part in 'Win-an-Audi 3D Starter Kit' contests on Facebook. 50% of yearly sales target achieved in the first month of the launch. Flood of test-drive requests. More than $950,000 worth of PR generated in 1 month. FWA rated it as one of the top websites.

Creative Execution

We began by hand delivering a full 3D car brochure. With the Audi branded 3D glasses we sent along with it, the car came alive and leapt out of each page. Through this DM we also gave them exclusive access to the 3D microsite created for this car. Once logged on to the 3D microsite, it would play the Audi A8L 3D film. The unique part of the website was that the user could, at any point while the film was running, click on a feature of the car being showcased in the film and explore it further. We also created 3D iPad, iPhone and Android apps for the car to deliver this experience across media.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Objective: The objective of the campaign was to launch the new Audi A8L and get potential customers to experience the backseat of the most luxurious long-wheel base sedan Audi has ever built. Solution: The best solution would have been to go to all our potential customers one by one and get them to sit in the car and experience it. Since that wasn't a practical, we had to think of the second best way to get potential customers to experience the car and its features without having to step into it. So we created the world's first fully integrated 3D campaign for the launch of Audi A8L. An immersive 3D experience that straddled every possible medium and every possible screen. Screens as small as the mobile phone to a screen as large as the Imax and everything in between. Delivering a car experience like never before.