CategoryA05. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
EntrantUM Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Entrant Company:UM Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Media Agency:UM Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Chris Skinner UM Managing Director
Olive Lee UM General Manager

Results and Effectiveness

The results were exceptional: 1. Global PR Coverage of the TST with over 70 separate media titles from New York to London to Asia 2. 42% of all Hong Kong adults aware of the Galaxy MacauTM TST Station (source: Synovate brand tracking study) 3. 180,000 flyers, leaflets, fridge magnets, tattoos handed out during the month or May by our promoters 4. 60,000 posts, pictures & blogs specifically about TST & Galaxy MacauTM across Hong Kong & China 5. The opening of Galaxy MacauTM exceeded our daily consumer target numbers by 35%

Creative Execution

We took over the entire TST MTR station for the month of May, 2 weeks prior to the grand opening and coinciding with China’s Golden Week holiday. By owning the station we had complete space and area to connect with the 2 million plus consumers that pass through the MTR on any given day. The scale of the idea was huge; a staggering 10,000 square metres of advertising space taking a crew of 50 people 11 days to install. Not only did we own all the fixed space we utilised all TV & digital screens, an exhibition area with a QR code linked to Facebook, innovative utilisation of a red carpet on the floors and lanterns were deployed on the ceiling. We supported this by using 13 bilingual promoters every weekend handing out a staggering 180,000 pieces relating to Galaxy MacauTM during the month long domination.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

How do you launch a product and brand that doesn’t exist? This was the challenge we faced in launching Galaxy MacauTM – the newest destination resort in Macau. The destination resort included 2,200 hotel rooms with 3 hotels – Banyan Tree, Okura, and Galaxy Hotel – together with over 50 F&B outlets, meant we needed significant visitors from the opening day on 15th May 2011. In order to showcase our product & brand, reach our core target consumers from Hong Kong & China, and generate sustainable brand awareness & understanding we needed something big and capable of generating global PR coverage in both the offline & digital worlds. We developed an idea to ‘take over’ the entire Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) MTR station in Hong Kong for the month of May. TST is one of the busiest in Hong Kong as well as a key tourist hub for the city.