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Product / ServiceP&G VICKS
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Name Company Position
Nikhita Arora Mediacom Communications India Business Manager
Khushbu Shah Mediacom Communications India Business Group Head
Archana Ram Mediacom Communications India Business Director
Anupama Biswas Mediacom Communications India Senior Business Director

Results and Effectiveness

We received over 2500 calls across 15 cities from people wanting to participate in the CJ hunt Generated huge PR for the brand, being featured amongst top world cup 2011 associations at just a fraction of their spending Demand for Vicks Cough Drops jumped by around 25% in key markets during the activity period The innovation leveraged the unique link between commentating and the brand benefit and created a contest which promised to actually help aspiring young men and women find a new career option! We selected cricket jockeys for each of the 15 stations & 2 lucky winners from Delhi & Bhopal got their own shows on Radio Mirchi!

Creative Execution

Indian youth are always tuned to the radio and many lament the lack of sports focus on the radio. No FM radio station has a dedicated person to talk just cricket. In a nation obsessed with the sport, we identified this as a gaping need that we could actually fill. We created a ‘first of its kind on radio’ contest- the hunt for India’s first CRICKET JOCKEY! This solution answered the multi-fold challenges of creating something new, engaging youth, and providing gratification- while being rooted strongly in the message of talking continuously! The activity spanned 15 cities in partnership with India’s leading radio network: Radio Mirchi. We roped in 15 eminent local cricket personalities for each of the markets and got Master of cricket commentary, Harsha Bhogle, to come on board with us, to guide and mentor the participants at every stage. The entire activity was supported via RJ mentions, hot keys, and live links on radio & TVCs through the campaign period.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The challenge was to showcase Vick’s core benefit of long lasting relief from throat irritation in an engaging way. Given the high brand-name awareness that Vicks enjoys in India, we had to constantly innovate and try new things to ensure that our communication was not missed. Our target was young, love to share their opinions and are constantly looking for avenues to express themselves. While Cricket is more than just a sport in India, to them, it is a religion! They especially enjoy lively cricket commentary and view commentating as a distinguished profession, requiring presence of mind, excellent communication skills and the ability to talk continuously! We identified this unique synergy between commentating, which requires long hours of incessant talking, and Vicks Cough Drops, which actually enable talking for long periods of time. And actually found a way for us to leverage this synergy in a manner that would be unique and innovative. We gave the Indian youth a once in a lifetime opportunity