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EntrantSTARCOM Guangzhou, CHINA
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Name Company Position
Cherry Wu Starcom Deputy Business Director
Clarice Chan Starcom Senior Planning Manager
Yvonne Huang Starcom Senior Planner
Sophy Shen Starcom Associate Planning Director
Jack Chen Starcom Senior Planner

Results and Effectiveness

Pro-Health toothpaste sales increased 248%, with sales value indexing 193 versus YA and product range at 210. “Pro-Health 7 Dentists” became China’s #1 web drama: – 5,000+ Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) followers – Our RenRen SNS fans invited friends to Crest’s Health movement 64 million times! – 37,800,000 video views, 17 million mini-site page views and 58,697 daily unique visitors. The drama alone received 33.4 million views (average 2.9 million/episode) “Very impressive, you continue to set the bar on digital.” P&G VP, Global Oral Care “I’m looking forward to more good stories from Crest Pro-Health. Let’s take good care of our teeth.” Viewer

Creative Execution

In Phase 1, Pro-Health allowed people to discover what hidden dangers they were vulnerable to through an Interactive Video Game. Short stories explored questions like how working overtime causes gum problems or kissing leads to cavities. Each “Oral Care Mystery” game ended with a Q&A plus video tips to upload. Next, Pro-Health launched a 12-episode, tailor-made web drama: “Pro-Health 7 Dentists”. Set in a dental clinic, episodes told funny stories about the staff and patients, using current hot social topics to resonate with consumers. Product messages were integrated throughout the plot, dialogue and setting, with oral care tips, a survey and “spotting the scenes” drama quiz at the end of each show. The content was promoted online with hard ad support and advertorial promotions, including previews and features. To encourage participation and capitalize on the video game and web drama, consumers could earn discount points/free product in Crest’s e-commerce shop.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Crest Pro-Health advanced oral care toothpaste successfully entered China in 2009, achieving significant Year One sales volume. However, as competitors grew and Colgate continues its “recommended by dentists”, Pro-Health needed to enhance its professional image in a way consumers could believe in, to justify its higher price point. To move forward, we needed to embrace the contrast of our consumers-They know good health is integral to their happiness but they find dentists unapproachable, making them unaware of potential oral health dangers. The very things Pro-Health helps fight. Tapping into their innate “searcher” mentality –a want for more information but a need for illustration – our strategy focused on creating fun yet educational ways to experience Pro-Health’s benefits, simplifying the science while heroing the brand’s expertise. Partnering with Youku, China’s #1 video site, we developed a collection of branded content that “humanized” dentists while delivering our hidden oral care dangers message.