Product / ServiceSHABONDAMA SOAP
CategoryA02. Best Use of Magazines/Newspapers
EntrantBBDO J WEST Fukuoka, JAPAN
Entrant Company:BBDO J WEST Fukuoka, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:BBDO J WEST Fukuoka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tatsuo Ueno BBDO J WEST Creative Director
Tetsuya Yamaguchi Alucard Art Director / Designer
Mio Imai BBDO J WEST Copywriter
Yukiko Inada Alucard Designer
Takashi Chishiki Chishiki Studio Photographer
Nori Hair Stylist
Glenn bartlett I&S BBDO Inc. Adviser

Results and Effectiveness

Monthly shipping volume: increased to 110% (YOY) The client received a lot of positive feedback from consumers who saw the ad, which led to another newspaper ad with the same design. It also won a domestic award (Yomiuri Advertising Award). The biggest achievement was to bring a new custom to Japanese consumers to check the ingredients of their commodities including soaps.

Creative Execution

In order to reach out to consumers to look at the ingredients on the back side, we created visuals that utilize the front and back side of the newspaper pages.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Japanese consumers carefully check ingredients of food items, but not daily necessities like soaps and detergents. In addition, businesses are allowed to use the word “additive-free” even when products contain additives due to the loose labeling regulation, which has led consumers to believe that the label “additive-free” means the product is 100% natural. Therefore, in order to prove that Shabondama Bubble Soaps contain absolutely no additives, we aimed at reaching out to consumers to check the ingredients when choosing soaps as well.