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Product / ServiceSAFFOLALIFE
CategoryA02. Best Use of Magazines/Newspapers
Entrant Company:McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup Executive Chairman & Regional Executive Creative Director - Asia Pacific
Abhinav Tripathi McCann Worldgroup Creative Director
Denzil Machado McCann Worldgroup Creative Director
Siddhi Yadav McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Ajay Ram McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Bianca D'sa McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Prasad Ramachandran McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Abhinav Tripathi McCann Worldgroup Copywriter
Nachiketa Anand McCann Worldgroup Copywriter
Manish Patel McCann Worldgroup Copywriter
Siddhi Yadav McCann Worldgroup Illustrator
Prasad Ramachandran McCann Worldgroup Illustrator
Loveleen Raina McCann Worldgroup General Manager & VP
Mangesh Mulajkar McCann Worldgroup Business Head
Geetanjali Saini McCann Worldgroup Group Account Manager
Robert Joseph McCann Worldgroup Production Head
Harshal Pandere McCann Worldgroup Production
Uday Apkar McCann Worldgroup Production
Sachin Sawant McCann Worldgroup Production

Results and Effectiveness

The innovation reached more than 7 million individuals across the country. Over 90% of the audience picked up the message that heart has an age. The print innovation increased the Heart’s Age awareness from 4% to 23% in Mumbai and 5% to 21% in Delhi. 40% of the people who visited the site completed the Heart`s Age test. The scores for ‘Good For Heart’ equity improved by 29% in Mumbai. As a result, scores of ‘brand for me’ improved by 19% in Mumbai and by 8% in Delhi. More than 32,000 people took the Heart’s Age test on the website.

Creative Execution

To illustrate what it meant to be ‘Young@Heart’, we tied-up with the country’s leading newspaper, the Times Of India (TOI) and gave this everyday, mundane newspaper a facelift. On 25th September, 2010 we undertook the mammoth task of transforming 7 editions of TOI newspaper, to look like they were written and designed by a child. With a tight deadline of just 20 minutes per edition, the team worked in tandem with the TOI editorial team to convert the regular B/W paper into a page from a child’s drawing book.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

As an expert in heart care, Saffolalife uses World Heart Day as a platform to get individuals to take note of their heart health and enable them to assess it. This year, the task was to break the NEW NEWS that our heart has an age too and it could be different from our real age. The challenge was to demonstrate this in a way that was impactful, engaging and heart-warming. Our insight - How we behave is not reflective of our age. IT IS REFLECTIVE OF OUR HEART’S AGE.