Short List
Product / ServiceIPHONE
CategoryA01. Best Use of Screens
Advertising Agency:INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA


Name Company Position
Jung Suk Han INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Executive Director
Hyun Suk Lee INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Executive Director
Ui Sang Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Jung Hwan Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Communication Designer
Suk Hyung Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Communication Designer
Joung Hoon Lee INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Chang In Choi INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Communication Designer
Ga Young Lee INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Communication Designer
Na Young Lee INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Creative Director
Gum Byul Bae INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Copywriter
Yoon Su Shon INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Jong Hyun Nam INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Seong Jun Hur INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Sook Cho INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Jong Jin Park MOG INTERACTIVE Producer
Bum Sun Hwang ROCKET PRODUCTION Commercial Director
PARK Chan-wook MOHO FILM Director
PARK Chan kyong MOHO FILM Director

Results and Effectiveness

The effect we acquired by utilizing a ‘movie’ and not an ‘advertisement’ as media is very surprising. 30,125 persons who have watched the film; 27,034 postings related to Korean blog and community; 805 domestic media reports; 230 global media reports; 375,728 Youtube video Plays and 203,386 page views of the official website; campaign awareness up 87.8%; iPhone preference up 88% Yet, what is more surprising than this quantitative achievement is that as the perception that anyone can film a movie spread, it drew out even the social reverberation that anyone can become a movie director.

Creative Execution

iPhone Film was made with the collaboration of director Chanwook Park, who received the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival 'OLD BOY' as well as first rate staffs and actors. We created a TV commercial in order to let the consumers know of our challenge, and this likewise was shot using an iPhone, 100%. To give the impression of consuming a real movie, an actual movie marketing method was introduced, and posters and a trailer were made. Also, prior to actual release, we made the film known to the public via a press preview. The meeting of technological innovation and art received the attention of countless domestic and global media and spread rapidly worldwide via SNS.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

As an exclusive supplier of iPhone in Korea, KT decided to take up an extreme challenge of [Filming a movie with an iPhone] in order to position iPhone as the only one absolute smart phone. Unlike an ordinary smart phone advertisement, the movie itself became an advertisement where the consumers directly experienced the performance of iPhone and was utilized as media. For the consumer’s perfect experience, the , which was made using the same process as an actual movie from its initial conception to release in theaters, became a ‘genuine movie’ recognized for its artistic achievement and value and not as ‘an advertisement imitating a movie’ by winning the Golden Bear award. The consumers are naturally and directly experiencing the performance of iPhone at the same as the fun and inspiration of a well made movie.