Product / ServiceGRANDEUR HG
CategoryA01. Best Use of Screens
Advertising Agency:INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA


Name Company Position
Jung Suk Han Innocean Worldwide Account Supervisor
Jung Hwan Kim Innocean Worldwide Account Director
Choong Shik Nam Innocean Worldwide Account Manager
Bong Hwan Lim Innocean Worldwide Account Manager
Hyun Kyu Park Innocean Worldwide Account Manager
Hyun Tai Joo Innocean Worldwide Account Manager
Jong Jin Park Mog Interactive Producer
Young Man Kang Just Cause Director
Brian Garbellini Just Cause D.O.P

Results and Effectiveness

The 4D Test Drive Campaign lasted for a month till the actual launch of Grandeur. During that time we were able to conclude 23,000 pre-sale contracts and 350 people signed up for a test drive. Also getting mass attention by the media, thousands of facebook, blog and tweets were posted, not to mention hundreds of press releases in all of Korea’s major media outlets.

Creative Execution

We went to the movies to give unexpected consumers a totally surprising experience in 4D. To make this idea possible we combined 4D technology and a virtual test drive experience and came up with a World’s First 4D Cinema Advertising. We also organized a real test drive event linked with a 4D test drive. At the end of the film a beautiful car designer hands out her business card embedded with a QR-code and an access code. Scanning this QR-Code with your iphone lead you to the mobile site, where you could apply for a 48 hour private test drive event. Selected winners received a brand new Grandeur right at their door steps for 48 hours, all free of charge.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Grandeur has been the best-selling luxury sedan in Korea for 25 years . And it has maintained dominant brand position in Korea’s luxury sedan market. But nowadays Grandeur encountered severe challenges from rising competitors. In this situation, the new Grandeur was scheduled to launch to the local market on January 2011. Therefore Grandeur needed a special unveiling campaign to refresh it’s brand image. So we came up with a simple idea of when drivers see and feel the car for the first time. A Test-Drive. And we wanted our targets to experience a special test-drive moment in an unexpected situation before the launch of the all new Grandeur.