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CategoryB03. Consumer Services


Name Company Position
Jun Fukawa JWT Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Valerie Cheng JWT/XM Singapore Executive Creative Director
Tay Guan Hin JWT Singapore Regional Executive Creative Director
Koh Hwee Peng JWT Singapore Creative Director
Liyu Minzie JWT Singapore Associate Creative Director
Chaya Kusuma JWT Singapore Creative Group Head
Karan Dang JWT Singapore Art Director
Kenneth Chia JWT Singapore Copywriter
Karan Dang JWT Singapore Copywriter
Lydia Daly/Gino Borromeo JWT Singapore Planner
Neo Kian Heng JWT Singapore Production manager
Tye Sok Kuan Freelancer Illustrator
Kuan Teck Harn Freelancer Illustrator
Don Low Freelancer Illustrator
Peter Cheung JWT Singapore Regional Management Director
Adela Andrei JWT Singapore Account Manager
Cheese Lim JWT Singapore Senior Account Executive
Nelson Nelson Digital Imaging Image Retoucher
Charmaine Deng Mindshare Singapore Director
Jeremy Tan One Werks Pte Ltd Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

Revenue grew by more than 30%. We achieved a serious sales increase of 15% during the campaign, as compared to the same period in 2009. Spontaneous brand awareness rose 86% to 89% after the campaign. Love for brand - a key metric in determining whether we have a relevant and real role in people's lives - rose swiftly from 22% to 29%. In addition to the microsite, the campaign drove traffic to silkair.com from 1,964,742 visits in 2009 to 2,408,830 visits in 2010 from June to November. Ad diagnosis on specific executions showed that consideration rose among 50% of those exposed to an 'Explorers' press ad.

Creative Execution

We wanted to create a 'sampling' of our destination. We started by collecting true-life travel stories from SilkAir passengers and turned them into life-sized experiential journals. Audiences could experience the richness and beauty by sight, sound, smell and taste. Then we made these ads come alive. Experiential life-sized journals were created in malls and outdoor spaces (with QR codes that led people online to discover more). At the same time, we also launched SILKAIREXPLORERS.com, an online platform where people can share their travel stories with the world and inspire Singaporeans to visit SilkAir's wonderful destinations. We aimed to reignite the curiousity & explorer's spirit in each of us. By combining experiential performances, bringing real personal travel stories alive, we're able to capture the interest of our target audience and lead them deeper into our product offerings. It's a form of sampling that's never been done before.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

SilkAir is Singapore's regional carrier that flies to the places off the beaten path. Whilst Singapore are a well traveled lot, the nation favors destinations well trodden by tourists. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bali, Bangkok and European cities always come up top of the mind. Our objective: To spark the nation's interest in SilkAir's destination. Our Big idea: Uncovering a new breed of travel habit, we spotted amongst consumers a third way - An audience type located in the middle of that spectrum of value of luxury. They are called 'Flashpackers', individuals who wanted the experience-packed exploration of the budget backpacker yet married to the more luxurious standards of the high-end resort traveler.