Product / ServiceANTI-SMOKING
CategoryA04. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
EntrantBBDO INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA
Entrant Company:BBDO INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA
Advertising Agency:BBDO INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA


Name Company Position
Josy Paul BBDO India Chief Creative Officer
Sandipan Bhattacharyya BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Anunay Rai BBDO India Creative Director
Arjuna Gaur BBDO India Associate Creative Director
Rakesh Ranjan BBDO India Art Director
Manoj Yogi BBDO India Production Head
Gurdev Singh BBDO India Visualiser
Rajesh Sikroria BBDO India Vice President
Jeroninio Almeida iCONGO Director
Ranjeev Vij BBDO India Vice President

Results and Effectiveness

Till now we've installed these posters in119 smoking rooms across Delhi and Mumbai. The plan is to take it to 8 cities by the end of the year. In fact, this initiative has received widespread acclaim from activists and has been recommended to the Bloomberg Anti Tobacco Fund. We hope it gathers momentum without any coercion from tobacco lobbies.

Creative Execution

Solution: We took these pack warnings and turned them into 'experiential posters'. We then put them up in place of lighters in smoking rooms in pubs, malls, hotels and airports. These life-sized lung posters are made with dotted phosphorus strips like those found on matchboxes. As a smoker lights his cigarette with this 'experiential poster', it leaves a deep scar on the graphic lungs. Symbolically, it's the smoker himself who is responsible for the damage.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Insight: Smokers have become oblivious to anti-smoking warnings on cigarette packs that show graphic lungs. Especially when strong tobacco lobbies have ensured that graphic warnings on cigarette packs are as mild as possible. Strategy: Take the cigarette pack warnings and amplify their impact through a simple demo. Idea: Make smokers experience first hand, the damage they do to their lungs each time they light up.