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CategoryA02. Best Use of Magazines/Newspapers
Entrant Company:LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
KV Sridhar Leo Burnett National Creative Director
Amod Dani Leo Burnett Creative Director
Amod Dani Leo Burnett Copywriter
Sadanand Narvekar Leo Burnett Art Director
Ganesh Nayak Leo Burnett Art Director
Nishikant Palande Leo Burnett Illustrator
Pranali Bhogale Leo Burnett Illustrator
Priyanka Chavan Leo Burnett Illustrator
Gaurav Lalwani Leo Burnett Servicing
Sharan Sabhachandani Leo Burnett Servicing
Pooja Motwani Leo Burnett Servicing
Shivkumar Dhale Freelance Photographer

Results and Effectiveness

This campaign managed to delight the consumer through the fun, interactive product demonstration of Fold-a-Stain. This allowed the consumer to easily understand the product benefit of superior stain removal at lesser quantity of Tide through a memorable experience that they would share with their family & friends. The sampling exercise was a huge success as we were able to reach 60,000 households. This led to consumer trials which exceeded expectations.

Creative Execution

The Tide benefit was highlighted through a stain which could be folded. All the reader had to do was intuitively fold the stain on the character's clothes in the magazine and see it get easily removed with a Re. 1 Tide sachet forming at the end of the folding process. The versatility of the Fold-a-Stain campaign lay in the fact that it was used to communicate stain removal with lesser amounts of Tide in an engaging context. The campaign was showcased in a leading consumer magazine, Star Weekly, and reached out to a nation-wide audience of over 60,000 households.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Consumers no longer believe in complicated claims and scientific product stories. They are longing to really see how the product really works. Lesser amount of Tide, as compared to other detergents, is actually superior in pulling stains out of clothes and we realized that consumers love to see this simple action. Therefore we developed the Fold-a-Stain visualization.