Product / ServiceHAND SANITIZER
CategoryA01. Best Use of Screens
Entrant Company:RIVERORCHID Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Advertising Agency:RIVERORCHID Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
2nd Advertising Agency:DAT VIET VAC Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Name Company Position
Ian Brown riverorchid Vietnam President
Tran Nha Chi riverorchid Vietnam Project Manager
Fel Cho Green Cross Vietnam Marketing Director
Phuong Dien Green Cross Vietnam Marketing Executive

Results and Effectiveness

Result: Client decided the best way to measure is to use figures from the Modern Trade only because: a) it gives same, constant number of outlets so it is a "pure" measure and b) sales from Supermarket are bought for consumption and not for re-sell. Sales are: 20% - For the 1st quarter, 21% - Cumulative from Jan to Apr, 41% - Cumulative from Jan to May , 51% - Cumulative from Jan to Jun 2011 Brand awareness is at an all time high. Green Cross in the number one hand sanitizer in Vietnam and is now planning to extend its product range.

Creative Execution

Creative Strategic Solution: Use LCD medium instead of national TV. We then created 3 advertisements with a tailored message for each of those LCD locations - taxis, elevators and supermarkets. We introduced "shock facts" to increase the relevance of our product to be used everyday, not just when you are going out to a restaurant, for example. We also created the "Mr Scary" character as a long-term property for Green Cross. The "hapless rogue" was then rolled out to other support media. Channels: A very simple campaign that used LCD media for 30 sec ads, innovative in-store POS, elevator door posters, supermarket check-out POS, bus sidings, on-line Pop-Ups, door handle hangers and an extensive PR campaign. The PR campaign sought Ministry of Health endorsement (and received it - a big break through in VN) and public hospital involvement.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Objectives: Our biggest competition in Vietnam (VN) is Unilever, the ever-present giant. Our launch of Green Cross in 2009 created a totally new category. After the initial surge of interest (prompted by the 2009 H1N1) scare, sales had become soft. Unilever had launched their own variant into the market under the Lifebuoy brand. In 2011 we needed to claim our position as No.1. Target: Female 18 - 35. Educated first jobbers and young professionals who are required everyday to use public transport. They need a convenient, effective hand sanitizer they can use to kill bacteria Insight: Our extensive research showed us that the 3 worst places to pick up dangerous bacteria were elevators, supermarket trolley handles and public transport. The new LCD media was present in all three of these locations. Relevance: By advertising ONLY in these locations, we made the consumer "live the danger".