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Product / ServiceLYNX
CategoryC01. Integrated Media Campaign
EntrantUM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company:UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency:UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA


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5 Senses
Zig Toronto

Results and Effectiveness

More than 260,000 visitors checked into the online Lodge website. There they indulged in the fantasy for over 900,000 hours. The media coverage that followed generated 2.3m PR impressions. As a result identification that Lynx ‘truly understands needs’ increased by 52%, and brand share increased by 14% against competitors despite their price discounting. So was it fantasy? Was it real? Eight lucky guys partied at the Lodge and the rest had a damn good time dreaming. In the words of Thegoodsweretaken, YouTube, “Whoever was behind this advertising campaign is a fucking legend”. We hope the judges think so too.

Creative Execution

We devised a competition for one lucky guy and his mates to win a stay at the Lodge, but acted like we were launching it as a holiday destination for all. The promotion kicked off in digital to get straight into the fantasy world of young guys. At the online Lodge they could explore the grounds, meet the staff and review the activities. Exclusive content was released via social media influencers and digital publishers to create intrigue. We provided the fantasy – it was up to them to decide how real it was – even if we did fuel things a little. Two weeks later the story exploded on TV and in magazines, adding weight to the possibility that ‘it could happen.’ We drove word-of-mouth in social currency environments and distributed ‘do-not-disturb’ door hangers. All media called out ‘you’re needed at the Lynx Lodge’ and guys rushed to get there.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

It was every teen guy’s dream: spray on Lynx and scantily clad babes swarm. That’s right. Was. Past tense. Over the past few years Lynx’s brand identity had diminished. Competitors had stepped-up and sexed-up their communication. Lynx needed to convince a new wave of young guys that it gives them the confidence to play at the top of their mating game when they need it most. At “Schoolies” (high school graduation + beach + first big trip away from home) that edge is needed more than ever. It’s the opportunity to score BIG. But for most guys the real-life fantasy with a glimmer of possibility is often more exciting and even more pleasurable than the reality. For them we created Lynx Lodge – the ultimate Schoolies destination – where guys would be entertained by the Lynx ladies. We deliberately blurred the line between fantasy and reality, making anything possible.