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Name Company Position
James McGrath Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Chairman
Ant Keogh Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Creatives Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Julian Schreiber, Tom Martin
Creatives Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Darren Pitt, Rohan Lancaster
Executive Agency Producer Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Sonia Von Bibra
Print Agency Poroducer Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Sharon Adams
Account Management Team Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Simon Lamplough, Tim McColl Jones, Kelly Richardson, Kate McCarthy, Tanya Garma
Planning & Insights Director Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Paul Rees Jones
Director The Glue Society the Glue Society
DOP/Cinemetographer Danny Ruhlmann plus 63 x field DP's
Executive Producer Michael Ritchie
Production Company Will O'Rouke
Sound Flagstaff and Sound Reservoir

Results and Effectiveness

The public perception of NAB has been absolutely transformed. People now see the bank as not only different, more fair and competitive, but also much more relatable and human. The break up itself generated $5 million of earned PR media in a single day. It was the most discussed topic on Twitter in the country. Positive online posts about NAB have increased 320%. There’s been a 79% increase week on week in NAB home loan enquiries. A 50% increase week on week in NAB credit card applications and finally, a 20% increase week on week new transaction accounts being opened.

Creative Execution

To alter people’s perceptions, every media element of the break up had to help people believe NAB had changed. Working not as advertising, but communicating through channels people already readily believed: the news. Each media had to work not only individually, offering potential news grabs, but also combine to create one huge statement. First, the bank posted a tweet about ‘hurting feelings’ everyone spread assuming it was a mistake. Next, a very personal break up letter to the other banks appeared in every major Australian newspaper. 60 films of NAB bankers breaking up with the other banks nationwide launched online. NAB ambushed the other banks with live break up messages on the streets and in the sky; all filmed for more online content. Fed by all our different media, the news story exploded making people visit an online ‘break up blog’, that let them finally discover all of NAB’s changes

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Australians have always believed their 4 biggest banks, Commonwealth, Westpac, ANZ and National Australia Bank (NAB) work together fixing fees and eliminating competition. The reality however is the opposite. One of the four, NAB had in fact devoted 2 years to making dramatic changes abolishing fees and lowering interest rates, all to be considered fairer and more competitive by customers. But the changes had little impact because the perception of collusion between banks prevented people noticing. NAB needed to somehow make people see the bank they had become. We believed NAB could embrace this perception of being ‘together’ and actually use it to make people see how they had changed. How? By letting them witness NAB break up with the other banks. One powerful public moment, that would capture the media and the nation’s attention. A moment that would make people finally discover NAB was different from the other banks