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Product / ServiceNOKIA N8
CategoryA06. Best Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising
Entrant Company:MAXUS INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA
Media Agency:MAXUS INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA


Name Company Position
Akhil Padman Maxus Business Director
Kingshuk Mitra Maxus Client Servicing Leader
Traptika Chauhan Maxus Business Group Head
Ravi Rajotia Maxus Business Manager
Shaily Suneja Maxus Business Group Head
Manasjyoti Das Maxus Business Executive
Megha Pahwa Maxus Associate Business Director
Mausumi Kar Maxus General Manager
Deeksha Rajpal Maxus Business Executive
K Srinivas Rao Maxus Investment Director
Gauri Sharma Maxus Business Group Head
Parul Pandhoh Maxus Business Group Head
Shagun Gupta Maxus Business Manager
Abhik Chanda Maxus Business Group Head
KK Padmanabhan Maxus Investment Director
Megha Ahuja Maxus Business Manager
Anisha Iyer Maxus Business Director
Tonmoy Baruah Maxus Investment Manager
Himani Gupta Maxus Business Group Head
Bhumika Panda Maxus Business Executive

Results and Effectiveness

First time ever only Social Media was used to launch a brand. We created a new template of celebrity advertising using the celeb only in the social media space. Priyanka Chopra’s fan-base grew by 15%! Huge viral of ‘LIVE-Webcast’ with 100,000+ views with average time-spent of 18 minutes / viewer. 150,000 visits to N8 landing-page, 51,000 search queries on launch day alone! 10,500 people participated via chat and contests during 1hour of the live webcast. 15,000 pre-bookings were made for Nokia N8 with 1200 from the LIVE webcast alone. Unconventional launch with ‘EARNED MEDIA’ only re-instated Nokia as technology leader.

Creative Execution

We made Priyanka Chopra; popular Indian movie actress and celebrity with maximum followers on Twitter, disappear! The stunt began with a radio station leaking the news of her non-appearance for the morning show. ‘Priyanka missing’ became the hottest topic of discussion on Radio, TV and social media networks. Frantic fans tweeted for her response. She started to tweet after a while. She tweeted, uploaded her pictures and videos for the next 2 days making people wonder how she was staying connected. Media started covering her tweets LIVE. She asked fans to log onto a dedicated microsite www.WhereisPC.com to chat with her and win a N8 by guessing her location. She surfaced two days later on the ‘Live Webcast’ of Nokia N8 launch and started showcasing her experiences with N8 during the period of her disappearance. Media and public went agog. The brand launched exclusively on the backbone of this stunt!

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Smartphone space has been taken over by the iPhones and BlackBerrys. In this scenario Nokia planned to launch Nokia N8, a full touch all in one multimedia device. Nokia hoped to regain technology and market leadership in the premium segment and reinstate youth appeal. The hook however was not the technology but the challenge to consumers to demonstrate what they could do with this technology. Youth in metros of India gain social currency by owning the latest and the coolest in technology. Facebook and Twitter have changed the way youth are living and defining their lives making them believe that every moment of their lives are ‘shareable’, ‘likeable’ and ‘comment’ worthy. Paid media doesn’t operate in the ‘hub and spoke’ model of sharing and is often preachy so it doesn’t resonate with them. Launch idea was to offer youth an intriguing and buzz-worthy digital experience in the social networking space.