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CategoryA01. Best Use of Screens
EntrantMAXUS Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company:MAXUS Mumbai, INDIA
Media Agency:MAXUS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rajendra Dwivedi Maxus India General Manager
Pratik Rathod Maxus India Sr. Investment Director
Jolene Fernandes Solanki Maxus India Business Director
Amrita Choudhary Maxus India Investment Director
Disha Lathia Maxus India Manager
Nilesh Bagaria Maxus India Manager
Yash Desai Maxus India Executive
Prakash Archarya Maxus India Executive
Ravi Sahu Maxus India Executive
Ravindra Teli Maxus India Executive
Ajit Varghese Maxus India MD
Kartik Sharma Maxus India Managing Partner

Results and Effectiveness

• Show reached to more than 10 million Indian Women. • Brand score for sweet & salty taste went up by 8% • The Product sales went up by 15% during immediate 2 months post airing of the show • Day after aided recall survey indicated 63% viewers recalling it as Parle KrackJack ITA awards and not as Maruti Suzuki ITA awards (Presenting Sponsor of the show with logo integrated in Program logo)

Creative Execution

As LIVE is more ENGAGING, A full blown award show of Indian TV actors (Indian Television Academy Awards) on India’s biggest TV Channel “ Star Plus” was created where “Krack” and “Jack”, characters from brand TVC, brought out “sweet” & “Salty” side of nominees and clearly communicated the brand positioning LIVE amongst the TG. Show hosts dressed as “Krack” & “Jack”, characters from TVC, asked nominees about competing stars. To “Krack”, nominees praised competition, whereas “Jack” provoked nominees to say opposing views. Hosts branded it as “KrackJack Unveiling Personalities”. Thus both the brand ambassadors brought out sweet-&-salty sides of celebrity LIVE on the stage strengthening the brand proposition. 10 branded messages during live activity reinforced brand communication. We made Star Plus air 5 teasers in “coming up” programming sections during the break. Sponsor tags ran more than 1000 times.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Parle Krackjack, sweet-&-salty biscuit brand was losing relevance amongst its TG due to increased availability of other snacking options. This was evident from declining scores of “Sweet-&-Salty” parameter in brand track. Challenge was to strengthen brand positioning “Sweet-&-Salty Taste” Regular sponsorships add little value to brand positioning as it enhances only saliency. Live brand demonstration on TV was essential to strengthen positioning. We created evolved breed of “Sponsorships” inspired by theory of Charles Darwin which states “As more individuals of species are born, there is struggle for existence”. We worked with the insight- “There is Sweet-&-Salty sides of every individual” In India, Television Serials are popular among Indian Women (TG) & TV stars have huge fan following. Strategy was to bring out sweet-&-salty side of TV celebrities. We “bettered the best” of sponsorship norms, creating next league of sponsorship evolution by driving “brand-experience among millions of consumers”