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CategoryA05. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
EntrantJWT ALWAYS Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:JWT ALWAYS Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency:JWT SHANGHAI, CHINA


Name Company Position
Elvis Chau JWT Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Rojana Chuasakul JWT Shanghai Creative Director
Gavin Wang JWT Shanghai Art Director
Jun Qian JWT Shanghai Copywriter
Alvin Qi, Will Zhu JWT Shanghai Designer
Josephine Pan, Lily Sun JWT Shanghai Client Service
Jane Zhang, Joan Wang JWT Shanghai Agency Producer
Connie Ho JWT Shanghai Planner
Yang Bin Producer
Shanghai Kui You Advertising Production House

Results and Effectiveness

-It attracted a lot of youngsters to the skate park, meanwhile it was spread quickly on internet which created huge buzz. -MJeans, as a youth brand, got notice quickly by this special media built sales increased by 12%(at time of submission) and counting.

Creative Execution

-The creative solution is to wrap the entire skate park with denim to become a unique denim skate park. The kids came with their skateboards, and a new media experience was born. -The skate park itself is a giant special media, which was spread out quickly though the popular media channels among youngsters as twitter or mobile snapshots.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

-To enhance MJeans impact among youngsters through street culture. -MJeans target loves street culture. They want to be unique, and like unique experiences. -They like skateboard and frequently have fun in the skate park. -MJeans wants to own street culture while the skate park is a place where street kids hang out, thus the best media touch point.