CategoryA01. Best Use of Screens
EntrantOMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency:OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Waichoong Aw OMD China Business Director
Bhasker Jaiswal OMD China Executive Director, Knowledge and Channel Planning
Jane Jie OMD China Associate Business Director
Jacky Yan OMD China Supervisor
Raycie Wu OMD China Supervisor
Lily Tu OMD China Planner
Jeremy Jiang OMD China Planner

Results and Effectiveness

The optimized multi-screen campaign achieved higher GRP’s, higher reach and effective targeting of light TV viewers against the demographic and psychographic profile on 50% of the briefed media budget. The campaign was cost-efficient, delivering savings of 1.8m RMB (USD265K on exchange rate 6.5) to deliver the same reach as a TV only campaign. Effectiveness was seen through 3 key measures: total ad recall increased from 39% to 58% vs. TV; unaided brand awareness increased by +23%; light viewer recall increased by 129%. The ultimate result: Net Sales increased +23% for Neutrogena in Beijing and Shanghai vs. the prior 3-month period.

Creative Execution

These light TV viewers contributed 30% of the core target, which were highly educated, higher income earners and heavy consumers of skincare. The screen shift created an opportunity. Based on consumer insights our channel planning recommended a multi-screen campaign of TV, to capture light viewers, and Office LCD and online video, to capture the core target where they were viewing. Tactical planning and multi-screen optimisation and measurement indicated the media budget could be cut and the media allocation by screen would be optimized at 50% TV, 30% Office LCD Screens and 20% Online Video. Incremental reach numbers for each media were fused from two independent monitoring company databases (CNRS; CSM). The recommendation was to protect a core category. Media activation included 15-second TVC on TV, Office LCD screens and Online Video portals across tier one markets Beijing and Shanghai, the primary markets for the core target.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Skincare is the most cluttered category in China. Neutrogena, with share-of-spend of 2%, has a business challenge to stand out against competitors. Reported spends in the category are USD 905Billion (2010) and dominated by Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal brands. In addition, market challenges include high media cost inflation, particularly TV cost increases year-on-year, as well as reduced TV inventory through regulatory changes. It is becoming difficult to buy a consistent level of GRPs. Consumer trends are changing in this category. Neutrogena Deep Clean, which previously contributed 30% of portfolio volumes, is becoming less important as consumer focus on skincare cleansing shifts to anti-ageing and hydration products. Consumer research revealed changing media habits for the core target. Weekly mean hours spent viewing TV had decreased 35% and viewing had shifted to internet or mobile screens. Previous media plans for Neutrogena placed 100% of media on TV.