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CategoryA06. Best Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yuya Furukawa Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Creative Director
Atsushi Oogi Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Planner /Art Director
Takuya Isojima,Hirokazu Ueda Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Copywriter
Kota Tohata,Sayaka Arimoto Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Planner
Urara Mano Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Art Director
Strategist / Campaign Planner Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Keiichi Higuchi
Shinya Seino Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Web Planner
Miyo Sekimoto Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Web Producer
Hikaru Ikeuchi,Mariko Shitara Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Agency Producer
Takafumi Nogami DENTSU KYUSHU INC. Acount Executive
Ryo Miura DENTSU KYUSHU INC. Event Planner
Nobuko Nogami,Yohei Tanaka ENGINE FILM INC. Production Producer(Tokyo)
Tsuguto Shiraishi T&E INC. Production Producer(Kyushu)
Osamu Kawakami T&E INC. Production Manager
Taro Kodai,Shinsuke Ishihara J.C SPARK INC. Designer
Tsuguhisa Tanaka Bild CM Director
Yuriko Taki Dentsu Inc. Tokyo CM Director
Koichi Uchida,Akio Kamachi,Mari Shibata CAST INC. Event Producer
Takehide Kunii,Mao Takagi TAKI CORPORATION Web Designer(Tokyo)
Akihiko Kumagai ANYSENSE INC. Web Designer(Kyushu)

Results and Effectiveness

All of Kyushu Participated The number of participants reached more than 30,000. Those gathered became individual media, encouraging their neighbors to participate, who would then do the same with their neighbors and so on. Everyone participated for free. Over 2 hours of TV coverage, All newspaper of Kyushu coverage, Kyushu Shinkansen special tickets Sold out in 15 seconds.

Creative Execution

A 250km 'Wave' Through various media, we invited the local residents to 'do the wave' by the tracks during the Shinkansen's test run and held 'The 250km Wave Across Kyushu' on the day. In an era overtaken by virtual communication, our challenge was to create an overwhelming sense of celebration within a very real environment. In addition to ads, we also approached local governments, companies and educational institutions with our call for participation, providing self-motivation by encouraging them to see this as town revitalization projects. The local residents themselves became individual media and actively invited people around them. On the day of the Shinkansen's test run, we filmed the record-setting celebratory wave across Kyushu from the bullet train. The footage of the world's longest shoot spanning 250km was used in the campaign's TV spots and print ads as a record of the celebration.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Creating Festivity and Participation The Kyushu Shinkansen Launch Campaign was to mark the opening of all Kyushu bullet train lines in the island of Kyushu. Still struggling with the ongoing recession, it was a 'once in a 100 years' type of event for the local residents and thus, we set out to expand this railroad news to create a massive 'festival', one where all residents of Kyushu, both old and young, would want to participate voluntarily, making the event personal to each of them, so that they could all share in the joy and celebration.