Short List
Product / ServiceRETAIL SALE
CategoryA09. Retail Outlets, Fast Food Outlets & Restaurants
Entrant Company:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company:TYO MONSTER Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Position
Kazuya Nakajima Creative Director
Kazuya Nakajima Copywriter
Kazuya Nakajima/Wataru Sato Art Director
Toshitaka Nasu/Youichi Terasaka Agency Producer
Wataru Sato Director
Akihiro Okazaki Cameraman
Shinichi Miyaki Lightman
Keiji Yoshinuma Production Designer
Wataru Sato/Takahiro Uchida Editor
Tomohide Harada Sound Producer

Brief Explanation

Our brief was to develop a high impact ad that would stand out from the crowd, once seen, never forgotten, to attract customers during the winter sales season, when clothing prices are reduced more than at any other time during the year. The core idea was to communicate 'price reductions' with maximum impact possible. We decided to develop something so entertaining that people would opt for the sale, even if it meant walking away from something important occurring right in front of them. And so we produced a TV commercial with a comic strip-type storyline. When it was aired it caused a huge reaction on the internet, drawing comments such as 'That's over the top!' and 'Who on earth thought of making a TV ad like this?!' and suddenly it was the talk of the Nagoya area. Revenues also reached 115% of the initial target.