Product / ServiceVEGEMITE
CategoryA01. Food Products
EntrantJWT Melbourne , AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company:JWT Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency:JWT Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production Company:EXIT FILMS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Position
Richard Muntz Executive Creative Director
Scott Glennon Copywriter
Keith Nicolas Art Director
Justine Kubale And Jill Wheeler Agency Producer
Peter Randeria Account Supervisor
Juliette Kringas Advertiser's Supervisor
Alice Grant Producer
Mark Malloy Director
Rowan Zerna Editor
Front Of House Sound Design/Arrangement
The Refinery Post Production
The Vegemite Track Re-Scored Through Level Two Music
Prue Tehan/James Bilaver And Elka Voigt Account Manager
Angela Morris And Anuj Mehra Planner
Germain Mcmicking Director Of Photography
The Butchery EditingCompany

Brief Explanation

Ask any Aussie what makes Australia Australia, and one of the first things they’ll say is ‘Vegemite’. We grow up putting it on our toast in the morning and we love the fact that almost everyone else in the world hates the stuff. It’s unique, just like us. Vegemite wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of the Aussie spirit. We did it by telling the story of an ice-hockey club from Australia’s tropical north. A place where ice-hockey shouldn’t be contemplated, let alone played. Where the only ice is used to keep beer cold. It’s a story that could only happen in Australia.