Short List
Product / ServiceHATARI 18" FAN
CategoryA03. Home Furnishing, Appliances, Maintenance & Household Products
EntrantLOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Entrant Company:LOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency:LOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Production Company:PHENOMENA Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Position
Pom Chaiyaporn Chief Creative Officer
Piya Churarakpong Executive Creative Director
Komsan Wattanavanitchakorn Creative Director
Thanachai Shavitranuruk/Thanannop Poonkhlai Copywriter
Porakit Tanwattana/Prasit Vitayasamrit Art Director
Suratta Chatmahakul/Chudthai Khumpong Agency Producer
Ladarat Charoenpinijkarn Account Supervisor
Supinyo Maneerat Advertiser's Supervisor
Janyaluck Khamdaeng Producer
Thanonchai Sornsriwichai Director
Songsak Visittipackdeekun Editor
Chumpol Sepsawasdi/Cinedigital Sound Studio Co./Ltd. Sound Design/Arrangement
Oriental Post Co./Ltd. Post Production
Yggdrazil Group Co./Ltd Animation
Kantana Production Service Co./Ltd. Cameraman
Lighthouse Film Service Co./Ltd. Lighting
Terdsak Janpan/Cinedigital Sound Studio Co./Ltd Music
Chidlada Gabites Account Manager
Boonchai Suksuriyayothin Planner
Numpol Jarak Director Of Photography
Matad Co./Ltd. EditingCompany

Brief Explanation

The weather is hot, so the King feels uncomfortable. He orders his soldier to increase "power" on the human fan. The human fan malfunctions, so the king asks for the solution from his priest. The priest presents a 18" Hatari fan to the King. The King asks the priest about the benefits of Hatari and then tells the priest to turn on the Hatari fan. The priest turns it on and before the King can say another word, he is blown out the window.