Product / ServiceGAME PROMOTION
CategoryB01. Internet Film
EntrantMEC Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company:MEC Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency:MEC Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

Lego Black Ops depicts Call of Duty Black Ops (the best selling video game of all time) through the eyes of LEGO in this Stop motion animation thrill ride. This non stop, action packed short video was designed to shock, thrill and excite the target audience. Its the story of the multiplayer aspect of this game (the favourite element of the game), how the killing never stops and how there is always someone out there waiting to hunt you down. Many aspects of the game unveil itself throughout the video with a very unexpected ending showing the what happens when there is no one left to kill. Critics are suggesting this is the best stop motion animation to date! We want to push Black Ops into Mainstream Popular Culture showing what it feels like to be immersed in the non stop action of multiplayer. Enter the battleground and feel the constant anxiety/excitement Black Ops Multiplayer delivers to its audience, all the way up until an unexpected ending that depicts what life would be like if the game stops.


Name Position
Luke Ryan (Social Media Strategist) Chief Creative Officer
Guillaume Goudal (Digital Strategy Director) Executive Creative Director
Keshan Matus Producer
Keshan Matus Director
Keshan Matus Animation
Keshan Matus Cinematographer