Bronze Spike

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Product / ServiceMOBILE PHONE
CategoryB01. Internet Film
EntrantDRILL Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DRILL Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:DRILL Tokyo, JAPAN
2nd Advertising Agency:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company:ENGINE PLUS Tokyo, JAPAN
2nd Production Company:DRAWING AND MANUAL Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The advertisement for the mobile phone, TOUCH WOOD SH-08C, which was developed aiming to enhance social awareness of forestry preservation. The xylophone in total length of 44 m (144.4 ft) was made only by using forest-thinning materials* just like the product itself. *Sales of forest-thinning materials is funding source of forestry preservation.


Name Position
Morihiro Harano Creative Director
Noriko Yamada Copywriter
Jun Nishida Art Director
Tetsuji Nose Agency Producer
Toru Murakami Account Supervisor
Masato Kabasawa Advertiser's Supervisor
Toshifumi Oiso/Hideyuki Chihara Producer
Seiichi Hishikawa Director
Hitoshi Kimura Editor
Kenjiro Matsuo Sound Design/Arrangement
Daijiro Sawa/Ayako Yoshinoya Account Manager
Eitaro Yamamoto Cinematographer
Mitsuo Tsuda/Wood Engineer Other Credits