Product / ServiceNEW YEAR'S CARD
CategoryA03. Consumer Services
EntrantPUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:PUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:PUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN


Brief Explanation

The use of email has become increasingly common. This has been accompanied by an increase in the number of people who want to send New Year cards that they themselves have created. This may be an expression of people’s desire to make new connections and deepen existing connections at the end of the year, even if doing so takes some effort. New Year cards are being seen in a new light, as important communication tools that let people renew their bonds. The goal of "Yubin-Nenga.jp" was to become a site that made creating and sending New Year cards more convenient and pleasant, for both senders and recipients, strengthening the bonds between people with New Year cards.


Name Company Position
Mineko Nakagawa puzzle planner/director
Ryuta Modeki TWOTONE Art Director
Jun Kawashima puzzle Producer
Hideaki Hosokawa puzzle Producer
Kaoru Chono 602 Producer
Tomokazu Saito puzzle Director
Masaru Hatano puzzle Designer
Kenji Takamatsu puzzle Designer
Hideki Yamamoto puzzle Technical Director