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Name Company Position
Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Jay Benjamin Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Michael Canning Leo Burnett Sydney Copy Writer
Kieran Antill Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Kieran Ots Leo Burnett Sydney Digital CD/Art Director
Masataka Kawano Leo Burnett Sydney Designer
Tristan Parker Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Producer
Jodi McLeod Leo Burnett Sydney Account Director

The Brief

Our brief was to promote Canon EOS, a leading brand of DSLR cameras. However, because Canon EOS targets a variety of skill levels within the photography community, we had to create a promotion which would be appealing to all levels – from beginners, to more advanced photographers.

Creative Execution

Photochains was created as a way to promote Canon EOS as a brand that stands for creative inspiration. The promotion has created a new way for people to connect through photography, which appeals to all skill levels of photographers, from beginners to more advanced photographers, so that Canon EOS is the brand for a wide range of photographers, to suit their wide range of cameras and products. Rather than just advertising to the target audience, Photochains has created something of real value for photographers, which they have embraced in their everyday lives. The Photochains promotion has not only created a new idea which the photography community loves, it is inextricably linked with Canon EOS.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We began with a simple insight that great photography is not about technology, it is about inspiration. Our solution was ‘EOS Photochains’ - A new way for people to be inspired, that would literally spread from one photographer to the next as a new creative experience. As people created Photochains, we created a system of online voting, with the most popular photos becoming the new links in special Photochains, and winning Canon cameras. By transforming photography from something people traditionally do on their own into a unique way to connect with others, Photochains is growing as its own social network of photography, and a new creative experience.


Photochains has created a new way for photographers to connect through photography, as well as a new dialogue between Canon EOS and the photographic community: - 94 photos uploaded every day since launch, which is 4 photos an hour - 12 minutes average time on website - Over 20,000 photos uploaded from around Australia to date - Canon EOS has risen to a record 67% market share in Australia since launch