Short List
Product / ServiceIIDA
CategoryC02. Interactive Tools & Applications, including mobile advertising
EntrantGROUND Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:GROUND Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:GROUND Tokyo, JAPAN


Brief Explanation

iida is a Japanese mobile phone brand that highly values design and sensibility. In order to get in touch with users of other mobile phone brands, we decided to "provide" a highly entertaining "communication tool" rather than "pushing" "advertising." That is why we created a communication tool that lets people tweet in 17 characters. An extremely short tweet. But each tweet is comes with a melody. Singing tweet campaign – a new form of communication that uses music as the vehicle.


Name Company Position
Satoshi Takamtsu ground Excutive Creative Director
Koichiro Tanaka Projector Inc. Creative Director/Planner
Izumi Horio IMG SRC inc. Director/Planner
Qanta Shimizu IMG SRC inc. Technical Director/Planner
Taku Ichihara IMG SRC inc. Technical Director/Flash Engineer
Takayuki Sugihara Roughark Interaktiv Art Director/Desiner
Atsushi Fujimaki IMG SRC inc. Art Director/Desiner
Shimpei Oshima Projector Inc. Planner
Tatsuaki Ashikaga IMG SRC inc. Producer
Tatsuhiko Akutsu IMG SRC inc. Project Manager
Aya Tominaga IMG SRC inc. HTML Engineer/Designer
Hiroyuki Hanai S2F Factory System Engineer
Koichi Arakawa S2F Factory System Engineer
Takuho Yoshizu S2F Factory System Engineer
Jun Kuriyama S2F Factory System Engineer
Teruo Nakanishi IMG SRC inc. Flash Engineer
Yuichiro Katsume IMG SRC inc. Flash Engineer
Kuchiroro LLP10do Music