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CategoryD04. Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight
EntrantTRIAD Colombo, SRI LANKA
Idea Creation TRIAD Colombo, SRI LANKA
Media Placement TRIAD Colombo, SRI LANKA
Production TRIAD Colombo, SRI LANKA


Name Company Position
Ven. Hasalaka Kavi Himi N/A N/A
Ven. Pahiyangala Ananda Himi N/A N/A
Ven. Sangarakkitha Himi N/A N/A
Varuni Fernando Triad Jt. Managing Director
Ruchi Sharma N/A Executive Creative Advisor
Shehan Samarasinha Triad Director - Brands
Zeeshan Saligh Triad Art Director
Sajith Adikari Triad Account Manager
Chandana Gamini Triad Broadcast Manager
Pasan Liyanage Redfox Sound Engineer

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

In order to educate slum dwellers about the most effective way of controlling the spread of dengue, civic authorities partnered with religious authorities. Written, recited and recorded by monks belonging to the community worst affected by dengue fever, the spot is aired not just on radio but throughout the speakers in all temples and shrines situated throughout the slums. The spot aired daily alongside regular prayers which was recited early in the morning and late in the evening which happens to be the time the dengue mosquito is most active. Life Chant not only educates people about mosquito breeding spots but emotionally conveys the fact that in order to protect your loved ones you need to first protect your home and environment from dengue mosquito breeding.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Sri Lanka is a deeply Buddhist nation accounting for over 75% of the population. There are over 13,000 Buddhist temples and shrines in a country that is only 65,525 Sq.Km meaning literally every Sri Lankan grows up to the sound of Buddhist prayers being recited every morning and evening. These daily prayers are prayers for protection which are regarded as highly as preventive medication. Furthermore, Life Chant is made stronger by understanding four strong principles: 1. People start and end their days listening to prayers for protection (these time belts have the highest listenership on radio) 2. Staying protected against dengue is as simple as protecting your surrounding from mosquito breeding spots (which are all man made) 3. The time these prayers of protection were recited were the times the dengue mosquito was most active (moment of truth) 4. Words of Monks is the most effective medium of communication

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

Written, Recited and Recorded by Monks: This you should know All you dear fathers And mothers, who have turned blood into milk Who love your children dearly Dengue is a menace. It will bring darkness to all, Leave everyone in tears. It will take lives – yours and your children’s too. To protect them all Remember to always Keep your home and your environment clean To stop dengue mosquito breeding. SFX : The clanging of a gong and the sound of the sithar all regarded as sounds that calm the psyche and put one in a mental state of serenity.

Please tell us about the social behaviour and/or cultural insights that inspired your campaign

A number insights helped strengthen the effectiveness of Life Chant: 1. Sri Lankan's begin and end their day listening to prayers of protection recited by monks 2. These prayers are played across the speakers situated in all 13,000 temples and shrines across the nation 3. In Sri Lanka there is no community without temples and shrines 4. The number of shrines situated in Slums are much higher than in higher income neighbourhoods 5. Religious monks are regarded with the utmost reverence and respect.. Their words carry much weight and listening to a monk preach is one of the very few instances that people devote complete attention, even turning off their mobile devices as it is regarded as disrespectful. 6. When monks visit it is customary to clean up the surrounding environment to ensure it is as clean and tidy as can be