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Product / ServiceSTAYFREE
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
EntrantDDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement 2 JOHNSON & JOHNSON Mumbai, INDIA
Production DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Production 2 JOHNSON & JOHNSON Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rahul Mathew DDB Mudra Group National Creative Director
Shagun Seda DDB Mudra Group Executive Creative Director
Kapil Tammal DDB Mudra Group Executive Creative Director
Ashish Phatak DDB Mudra Group Executive Creative Director
Rajiv Sabnis DDB Mudra Group Executive Director
Godwin Dmello DDB Mudra Group Group Creative Director
Sanket Wadwalkar DDB Mudra Group Group Creative Director
Sharad Das Gupta DDB Mudra Group Senior Art Director
Vinay Singh DDB Mudra Group Associate Creative Director
Lalit Sakurkar DDB Mudra Group Creative Group Head
Aashna Gopalkrishnan DDB Mudra Group Copywriter
Shalmali Sawant DDB Mudra Group Senior Art Director
Divya Nenwani DDB Mudra Group Art Director
Kim Das DDB Worldwide Global Business Director
Toru Jhaveri DDB Mudra Group Senior Strategy Director
Sanchari Chakrabarti DDB Mudra Group Senior Strategist
Natasha Bohra DDB Mudra Group Strategist
Niyanta Mirjankar DDB Mudra Group Strategist
Nikita Tambay DDB Mudra Group AVP - Brand Engagement
Megha Jaiswal DDB Mudra Group Brand Manager
Megha Sharma DDB Mudra Group Account Manager
Qaid Vora DDB Mudra Group Account Executive
Vishal Sane DDB Mudra Group Films Head
Akanksha Mishra DDB Mudra Group Manager Corporate Communications
Darshini Jawale DDB Mudra Group Executive - Corporate Communication and PR


India is unique in the depth and persistence of stigmas around menstruation. Despite economic and technological progress fuelling India's status as a global powerhouse, even some of the most privileged sections of society continue to perpetuate a cycle of shame and secrecy around periods under the guise of traditions. Periods are believed to be impure. Women are banned from entering temples or even their own kitchens. And these biases are passed down generations. Stayfree believes and wanted to communicate that the true mark of a woman's freedom is her ability to make her own choice, even on the days of her period. In research, we discovered a powerful insight - no woman looks forward to her periods. Except for sex workers: because period days are the only days when they are not forced to work. We decided to use one taboo to challenge another, and Project Free Period was born. A social initiative that empowers women in the sex trade by turning their 3 days of periods into 3 days of learning the skills of a new trade. We partnered with leading NGOs and volunteer trainers to deliver a unique curriculum that could generate alternative sources of income for India's commercial sex workers. What started in a humble neighbourhood of Mumbai’s Kamathipura, has now expanded and evolved into a nationwide phenomenon. Project Free Period has fuelled unprecedented conversations around two of India’s biggest taboos – periods and prostitution, with its reach soaring at 2.2 billion and counting. Global and international media networks have accelerated our momentum. With a network of over 11,200 students across the country, Project Free Period has transformed over 100,000 period days into days of learning. But most importantly, it gives India’s commercial sex workers the power to choose. Choose to leave the profession. Choose to turn away customers who don't wear protection. And choose to end their cycle of suffering.