Product / ServiceCITI CASH BACK
CategoryA09. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Idea Creation FLOCK Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Ivan Hady Wibowo FCN Creative Chairman
Leonard Wiguna FCN Creative Partner
Arsyad Arsyad FCN Creative Leader
Michael Fabian K. FCN Art Director
Febrian Adi Putra FCN Copywriter
Ilman Putra FCN Agency Producer
Beatrix Hapsari FCN Account Manager
Jelita Rumengan FCN Account Executive

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

People always happy when they got money, especially if it comes from the least expected. The unsure joy, the surprise, the feeling... What if getting cash back have the same feeling? The excitement that building up, is constantlly happen with unlimited cash back from Citi Cash Back Card. The more you shop the more surprise money you will get.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

The sky is dark when I was rushing to leave the house My hand reached something inside the backpocket My heart raced like crazy I hoped but refused to believe When my fingers made contact Ohhh... Almighty Lord.. The wornout blue that sparked happiness serenaded with a heavenly choir This.. is the most beautiful 50 thousand Rupiah in the history of my life. Find the same feeling every month, with Citi Cash Back credit card. Cash back in every transaction. Citibank. Registered and supervised by OJK. Terms and condition applied. For more info: www.citibank.co.id/cashback