Product / ServiceKENO
CategoryA08. Media / Entertainment


Name Company Position
Marianne O'Brien Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Managing Partner - Creative
Cristian Staal Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Managing Partner - Creative
Christie Luxton Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Associate Creative Director
Shaun Conroy Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Copywriter
Erin Core Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Strategy Director
Christine Gannon Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Managing Partner - Client Service
Amelia Hall-Boehm Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Account Director
Robyn Dodd Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Head of TV & Content

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

Money won on Keno is proper Fun Money. You’re out having a good time, and it’s yours to spend on whatever you like. But with over 7000 winners an hour, you’ll soon run out of ways to spend your Fun Money. Time to get creative. In this spot, a group of housemates find a unique way to spend their Keno winnings – hiring a Barbershop quartet to sort out their sharehouse squabbles.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Keno is a numbers-based lottery game that’s played in venues like pubs, bars and restaurants. You can play as an individual, or a group.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

RADIO SCRIPT MVO speaks in a rich, and comically deadpan tone. Sound effects and interjecting voices bring the scene to life behind the voiceover. MVO: Holly and her housemates bought a fancy new fridge SFX: Fridge door opening & hummm MVO: A never-ending pack of strawberry yoghurt SFX: Opening a yoghurt tub MVO: And a barbershop quartet Quartet: Hello, hello, hello, hello MVO: Why? MVO: So that Holly and her housemates could turn their share house squabbles SFX: Fridge door opening & hummm Quartet: Who ate my yoghurt you bunch of priiii- MVO: into house mate harmony. Quartet: There’s more behind the eggs. MVO: That’s Keno. MUSIC: Drums kick in. MVO: There’s over seven thousand winners an hour. So kick off a game, and make your mates some fun money. Keno, let’s play. Disclaimer: Based on one year average in Queensland, New South Wales and Vic. Gamble responsibly.