Product / ServiceSTRONGBOW
CategoryB01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Idea Creation BONSEY JADEN Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Media Placement DENTSU X Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Production BONSEY JADEN Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Adam Chan Bonsey Jaden Regional Executive Creative Director
Siok Yee Bonsey Jaden Regional Group Head
Francisco Yung Bonsey Jaden Copywriter
Jing Wen Wong Bonsey Jaden Designer
Alicia Hew Bonsey Jaden Regional Group Head
Alicia Hew Bonsey Jaden Regional Group Head
Siok Yee Bonsey Jaden Regional Group Head
Prabu Selvarajan Bonsey Jaden Chief Technology Officer
Elya Eusoff Bonsey Jaden Regional Head of DPR
Venoshia Vellasamy Bonsey Jaden DPR Account Director
Eric Sheak Bonsey Jaden Social Media Executive
Phoebe Chia Bonsey Jaden Group Client Director
Zoe Chua Bonsey Jaden Associate Client Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

Every Chinese New Year season, Malaysians’ ears are assaulted with the annual barrage of awkward questions from relatives, yet no brand seems to address this tiring reality of the festivities. So we decided to give Malaysians something refreshing to listen to for a change. Tapping into the calming sounds of the ASMR trend, ‘CNY Refreshed’ is a mini online radio made exclusively for Strongbow’s Chinese New Year music album featuring the season’s greatest hits like “Overachiever Cousin Bragging About Second Startup” and “Second Aunt Asking When You’re Getting Married” — but with a twist. Upon playing the tracks, users were rewarded with pops of bottles being opened, the fizz of bubbly cider, the clinks of glasses, and the sumptuously full gulps that ended with contented “aaahs.” When the senses are consumed by the refreshing notes of Strongbow, the awkward questions stop — and Malaysians can finally unwind.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

For Malaysians, the festive season of Chinese New Year is also the season of jumping from one family gathering after another. And for Malaysian millennials, our target demographic, it also means having to repeatedly endure the recurring soundtrack of naggy relatives asking: “When are you getting married?” “Got boyfriend or not?” “Change job again ah? Why?!” While not an uncommon hassle every time younger Malaysians meet their relatives, the intensity of the uncomfortable questions grow in the season when family gatherings are simply unavoidable and even compulsory. In the background of all this is a similar monotony of brands competing for attention, yet using the same imagery, audio cues, and messaging on replay every year. We had to go against the current in achieving cultural resonance if we wanted to stand out against a dozen other food and drinks brands who were fighting for a space on the lauriat table.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

INTRO TRACK Hey! You know that sometimes, Chinese New Year gatherings can sound like this - “When are you getting married?”, “Still no promotion? You’ve been there for years!”, “Yes, turning vegan is like a life changing experience.” Well this year, we want to put all that awkward chatter on ice, with Strongbow Apple Cider over ice. Cause when the Strongbows are raised, the intrusive questions quiet down. Like that wise Chinese saying, “A mouth full of apple cider, asks not how many dates you’ve gone on.” Isn’t that music to the ears? Have a listen to these cider-inspired ASMR tracks to hear what happens when Chinese New Year conversations get the Strongbow refreshed treatment - and listen out for 5 hidden Drinkies promo codes. TRACK 1: "Big uncle asking you to quit and work for him" Ahh... Strongbow Dark Fruit, my old friend. How long has it been? What was I saying again? Ah, whatever it is, it can wait.Use this promo code at StrongbowCNY888 TRACK 2: "Cousin sister judging you for not going vegan" Wow, I love this. Oh gosh, is it vegan? It’s made of apples, right? It should be vegan. I really got to get more of this Strongbow. Use this promo code at StrongbowCNY68 TRACK 3: "Grandmother sharing grandfather story" What’s this ah? Huh? Okay, tsk, gimme gimme. This is good! Eh, I have to let Gong Gong try. He will love this Strongbow ElderFlower. Eh, come here. Ah, ah..Use this promo code at StrongbowCNY38. Tsk. Write it down. Write it down! TRACK4: "Overachiever cousin bragging about second startup" Ahhh, whoooa! What is this? Strongbow Gold Apple! Let me just help myself to a second bottle; make that a third. Ahhh… use this promo code at StrongbowCNY88. Ahh... TRACK 5: "Second aunt asking when are you getting married" Wahhh, that’s refreshing! Strongbow over ice. I’m going to buy next time! No, actually I’m going to buy now. Use this promo code, ah - at StrongbowCNY8. Ahh.. save money!


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