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Graham Drew Grey Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Andrew Fong Grey Worldwide Creative Director
Brendan Low Grey Worldwide Copywriter
Soo Soon Foon Grey Worldwide Art Director
Suzy Chiang Grey Worldwide Producer
Daphne Wong Grey Worldwide Brand Director
Esther Koh Grey Worldwide Senior Brand Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

Volvo Safe Drive Hour reimagined the conventional radio push advertising to to transform each car radio into a science-backed safety device. Via a unique media partnership with two National radio stations and MIROS (Malaysian Road Safety Dept.) we scientifically re-engineered the media of the radio song-playlist for the entire hour of drivetime for five weeks. Ultimately turning every song broadcast into a safety aid during the most dangerous time of the year on the roads - Ramadan Research from the London Metropolitan University (2015) found that music impacts driver’s behavior. Music of 120 beats per minute or above increased aggression behind the wheel, accelerating faster and braking at the last-minute.The study found the optimum tempo of music for safe driving is between 60-80 bpm– syncing to the average human heart beat, helping drivers focus, calm and concentrate on the road.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

May 2019 is the 60th Anniversary of Volvo’s invention of the 3-point safety belt, an invention so important that it shared the patent with the world. This technology is now in every car. On the journey home during Ramadhan drivers have typically gone without food or water for 14 hours. Fasting since dawn, physically exhausted, drivers find it harder to remain mentally alert. The is exacerbated by higher traffic levels as millions of drivers rush on their journey home to break fast and make prayer. Subsequently, Ramadan is the most dangerous time of the year on Malaysian roads according to OPS SELAMAT 2017, MIROS – with an average of 16 fatal road accidents a day.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

60s Ramadan Radio Ad script: Did you know that high tempo music is one of the leading distractions to a driver? Research from London Metropolitan University has revealed that the optimum tempo of music for safe driving is between 60 - 80 beats per minute. It helps you focus and keeps you calm. 60 is also the number of years since Volvo gave the world its patent for the three-point safety belt. That technology is now in every car and has saved more than a million lives. At Volvo we believe in safety for everyone So, when the roads are busy this Ramadan ( / Raya) we’ve made your 4-5 drivetime safer by playing all music between 60 - 80 beats per minute. So that you can focus on a safer drive. Selamat Berpuasa from Volvo Cars

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If you want to deliver a safety message direct to drivers there is no better medium than radio. The Radio Audience Measurement 2018 study reveals that listenership peaked during weekday “drive time” shows between 4pm to 8pm. The study showed 13.6 million people listened to the drive time slots. (source: Media Planning The two largest ethnicities in Malaysia are Malays (70% of total pop.) and Chinese (23%). We partnered with two National radio stations - Sinar FM – Malay, and Lite FM – Chinese. We then negotiated a unique 5-week sponsorship of the Drivetime hour to cover the entire Ramadhan period. In 1959 Volvo shared their safety belt technology, now that technology is saving lives in EVERY car, regardless of the brand. To mark this occasion we used science to create a means to continue in this tradition