Short List
Product / ServiceDB BREWERIES
CategoryA01. Food / Drink
Idea Creation COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Media Placement CARAT Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production FRANKLIN RD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Additional Company DB BREWERIES Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Creative Chairman
Levi Slavin Colenso BBDO Chief Creative Officer
Dan Wright Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director
Max McKeon Colenso BBDO Creative Director
Luke Dawson Colenso BBDO Art Director
Michael Swinburn Colenso BBDO Copywriter
Ahmad Salim Colenso BBDO Group Business Director
James Cummins Colenso BBDO Senior Business Director
Rob Vela Colenso BBDO Account Manager
James Baker Colenso BBDO Account Executive
James Tucker Colenso BBDO Senior Strategist
Natalie Downes Colenso BBDO Head of Brand Experience
Gregg Imlah Colenso BBDO Experiential Director
Jacqui Lane Colenso BBDO Experiential & PR Account Executive
Sean O'Donnell DB Breweries Marketing Director
Tony Wheeler DB Breweries Senior Marketing Manager - Mainstream brands and cider
Sam Forrest DB Breweries Marketing Manager
Chris Featonby DB Breweries Brand Manager
Todd Wright Colenso BBDO Digital Producer
David Arcus Colenso BBDO Creative Technologist
Adnaan Narot Colenso BBDO Product & Experience Manager
Serena Fountain-Jones Colenso BBDO Senior Producer
Serena Fountain-Jones Colenso BBDO Senior Producer
Connor Kilkelly Colenso BBDO Producer
Hamish Steptoe Colenso BBDO Designer
Josh Hart-Vrijkotte Colenso BBDO Designer
Payton Cox Colenso BBDO TV Producer
Hamish Mortland Colenso BBDO Senior Producer
Tom Cottle Colenso BBDO Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

Did you know, you can’t have a beer, without a planet? It’s true. DB Export has a history of saving the entire world to give the simple act of having a beer a higher purpose. That’s why when it came time to put ink-to-paper on a new press campaign, DB Export chose to skip the paper and save the lives of hundreds of innocent trees in the process. Consisting of three ‘full-page’ executions, this newspaper campaign was printed entirely on radio waves. Each radio execution described, in detail, the newspaper ads they were replacing. This way, listeners could still enjoy them visually, through the power of imagination. One portrayed two friends fishing at sunset, another painted a picture of a backyard barbeque. And the third, described a worksite, complete with workers, working, on their friendships.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful parts of planet earth, and all New Zealanders feel a sense of responsibility to keep it pure for generations to come. That’s why the campaign didn’t just give Kiwi men another reason to have a beer, it gave the beer itself a higher purpose – one that all New Zealanders could raise a glass to.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

Worksite. In an effort to save paper, we’ve chosen to print this newspaper ad for DB Export beer, on radio. The newspaper ad depicts knock-off time. Five workers have stopped work on a house, to start work on a friendship. Their tool of choice –DB Export beers. You think to yourself “Now that’s a powerful newspaper ad.” And you agree with yourself, nodding your head. In your head. These workers are in the ideal situation. The work week behind them, the not-work-weekend ahead, and the headline above. It reads “Beers.” Nothing comes close to a moment like this… Except the logo. And not just any logo, but the DB Export logo. Accompanied by the tagline “Drink DB Export. Save the Entire world.” Thank you for reading the DB Export paperless newspaper ad. Because you can’t have a beer, without a planet.


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