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CategoryA07. Travel / Leisure
Idea Creation PUBLICIS Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ryan Petie Publicis Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Tim Harding Publicis Worldwide Senior Creative
Adam Ferrie Publicis Worldwide Senior Creative
Peter Cvetkovski Publicis Worldwide Senior Creative
Dan Braithwaite Publicis Worldwide Design Director
Harleigh Reimer Publicis Worldwide Account Director
Sarah-Jane Ewing Publicis Worldwide Account Director
Vicki Lee Publicis Worldwide Head of Content and Broadcast
Simon Murphy Publicis Worldwide Executive Strategy Director
Simone Waugh Publicis Worldwide Managing Director
Britt Groom Publicis Worldwide Broadcast and Content Producer
Helene Thorsen Publicis Worldwide Strategist
Luke Stocks Publicis Worldwide Creative Studio and Production Manager
Amber Lawrence Publicis Worldwide Designer
Brad Lancaster Publicis Worldwide Developer
Juliano Xavier Publicis Worldwide Digital Project Manager
Lauren Emmett Herd MSL Group Account Director
Millicent Ogden Herd MSL PR Strategist
Laura Beament Herd MSL General Manager
Jason Carnew Herd MSL Managing Director
Tom Sandres Herd MSL Creative Director
Bryony Czujko Herd MSL Senior Account Manager
Michael Branagh Tourism and Events Queensland Group Executive, Global Marketing
Julia Pavey Tourism and Events Queensland Marketing Program Leader
Kate Duffy Tourism and Events Queensland Marketing Program Leader
Shelly Winkel Tourism and Events Queensland Global Publicity Manager
Jarrod Meakins Tourism and Events Queensland Content Planner
Jessica Ward Tourism and Events Queensland Media and Partnerships Manager
Michelle Blancato Tourism and Events Queensland Creative and Content Director
Megan Smith Uber Consumer Communications Lead, ANZ
Amber Morris Uber Head of Magic Moments
Steve Brennen Uber Director of Marketing APAC

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We created the world’s first rideshare submarine on the Great Barrier Reef, called scUber. We engaged the world’s favourite rideshare company to give us unparalleled access to their database and UX. Customers were invited to book the scUber rides directly through the app, or enter a competition to win a ride through a bespoke website. The goal: to change public and media sentiment about the health of the reef. The campaign delivered more than 4.7 billion potential media impressions across key western markets, $130M+ in earned media value, over 700,000 website visits, and over 150,000 competition entries.


The Situation: The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is a natural wonder, but negative media after bleaching events had hurt its reputation. Tourism & Events Queensland needed to change the conversation and stimulate tourism to the reef. The Brief: Bring the story of the GBR to life, drive awareness and consideration among high value travellers from key western markets. Leverage earned media and owned channels, negate the current media and consumer sentiment, shift thinking and change the conversation. Objectives: Educate and drive awareness of the GBR’s abundant marine life across key markets with a target reach of 100M. Increase consideration and travel intent to the GBR. Drive advocacy around the GBR, among tier one media outlets, with a focus on consumer titles to achieve positive balance against the negativity. Create a ROI of $40M in ASR value from earned channels.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created the world’s first ride-share submarine on the Great Barrier Reef, called scUber by creating a global partnership between Tourism & Events Queensland and Uber. From the window of our submarine, we showed the reef like never before, a unique and vibrant underwater world teeming with life. The activation ran for a month launching on Heron Island on 23 May 2019 and moving to Agincourt Reef, Cairns from 10 April 2019. scUber was available to riders by request directly through the Uber app. They had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exquisite beauty of the reef. We were able to leverage the ‘first riders’ of scUber among global TV broadcast, press and social outlets. To celebrate the launch, we offered a ride to one lucky winner and a friend from each key western market, using a consumer competition to drive a further burst of media coverage and engagement.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Target Audience: • High Value Traveller (Aus) i. Travelling with children Interstate - 1.4 million – 55% (25–44) Intrastate - 288,000 – 57% (35–54) ii. 18 – 49 YO travelling without children Interstate - 67% (25–44) Intrastate – 61% (25–44) iii. 50+ YO travelling without children Interstate - 75% (55–74) Intrastate – 75% (55–74) • Other markets – UK, USA, Canada, France and New Zealand Approach: To bring the GBR to life and negate the current conversation, we needed to find a way of connecting consumers and media with the GBR; helping them see the reef like never before, by showing the reef in an inspiring and innovative way. Uber’s involvement was key. We pitched the concept to Uber – to form a global partnership between TEQ and the world’s largest rideshare platform – creating and implementing a global campaign that had mass scale and newsworthiness.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We pitched and created a partnership with Uber: a global property that, when partnered with the Great Barrier Reef, has scale and newsworthiness. The approach gave Uber the opportunity to tell its story of mobility innovation. The Great Barrier Reef leveraged Uber’s social credibility and global database in the millions. After sourcing a three-man submarine, scUber launched on Heron Island and then Agincourt Reef. The media was invited from around the world for world-exclusive scUber rides. Soon after, scUber opened direct bookings for people on the Great Barrier Reef via the Uber app. The media launch was supported by a global integrated marketing campaign, retail offerings and consumer competition to win a scUber ride for Uber customers. Media lapped it up, and millions of Uber riders from around the world were marketed to via the Uber database and in-app via Helix.

List the results (30% of vote)

AWARENESS AND ENGAGEMENT • 4,694 earned media placements including national TV, print and online stories. • 345 million estimated viewership • 4.7 Billion total media impressions • $130M+ earned media value (NB. surpassing the $40m earned media objective set at the beginning of the campaign) • Over 16 hours of VNR vision utilised by global broadcast media (53 countries) • Over 42 million social impressions with 499,796 clicks • 4,271,445 snapchat impressions • 871,543 Instastory impressions • 47 million unique Uber app sessions during the period via helix tiles SENTIMENT • 95% of media stories were positive or neutral in sentiment • Conversation on social channels was three times more positive than pre-campaign (Source: Synthesio) ACTION • 152,524 competition entries globally over two weeks • 59% opt-in rate to database leading to an 87% increase in new-subscribers for TEQ • 88,893 industry leads delivered


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