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Winnie Wong Chengdu IFS Deputy General Manager of Branding and Marketing

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Parcours was a year-round exhibition-based campaign for leadership building. The key aim was to attracted national & overseas media reports through this cross-countries joint-hands. The involvement of Paris & Chengdu governments, plus the 500 international art professionals and the cross-over merchandize with international fashion brands allowed the brand to penetrated broadly into different aspects via partnership. Core marcom support came from the social posts & H5 games in CDIFS’ & partners’ own branded channels, in-store posters & printed newsletter, huge outdoor signages & LED monitor of the mall, with NO paid ATL advertising.


CHALLENGES Chengdu IFS holds the top sales in western China, and is widely viewed as the leading trend indicator. However, the competition doubled in a year, and new developers employed incentives to seize customers especially from the fastest-growing segment of YOUNG AFFLUENT. Maintaining leadership in both business and as the pioneer brand is the top priority. OBJECTIVES 1) ENLARGING LEADERSHIP –by creating an ASPIRATION unique to CDIFS with the immergence of Parisian art into Chengdu’s culture, and helped expanding its fashion leadership to artistic lifestyle with a broader appeal. 2) ACQUIRING YOUNG AFFLUENTS –by curating non-replaceable ENGAGEMENT to fulfil their SOCIAL thirst 3) OPENING NEW SALES CHANNEL –by introducing SOCIAL COMMERCE that directly convert engagement into dollars KPIs CDIFS sets aggressive targets that were more than double the market average: -15% growth in media exposure -10% total traffic growth & sales growth -12% sales growth from young affluent categories

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

CDIFS delivered an intercountry cultural experience like no other mall in the world The shopping mall industry norm favored sales promotions. Knowing that our target craved social engagement, CDIFS went in a dramatically different direction. Embarking on a strategic alliance with the Chengdu Government and Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés Committee, CDIFS launched a year-long art exchange starting from Paris, toured back to Chengdu and transformed the mall into the art landmark of the city, while sending the brand worldwide. From in-mall exhibitions, to art co-creation with consumers, to the enthusiastic support of cultural influencers, the Parcours Art Festival became a lifestyle destination, and an eye-opening experience for young affluents looking to stay on top of trends and ahead of their peers.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

INSIGHT Jones Lang’s survey shows 45% young affluent enrich their social life in the shopping malls. CDIFS seized this insight to break away from the industry’s norm on sales promotion and focused to transform the mall into a cultural destination for young affluent with world- class art shows that are not available with local malls, and the eye-opening experience can let them stay ahead of their local peers. STRATEGY CDIFS embarked on a strategic alliance with Chengdu Government and Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés Committee on art exchange, plus leveraged on cultural influencers and in-mall exhibitions to build the leadership in art, as well as to engage with consumers by art cocreation to make CDIFS as the art landmark of Chengdu.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Timing: 12 months Scale: Largest Chinese exhibitions in Paris Parcours Art Show, it was also one of the biggest art shows in China Placement: Mainly supported by free media reports, plus CDIFS’/ KOLs’/ partners’ social channels, in-store posters & printed newsletter Implementation: 1) ESTABLISHED CDIFS’ INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY & BRAND ASPIRATION First-introduced Sichuan artists into Parcours Art Festival for enormous overseas media exposure. Continued the art tour in China which attracted media attention and customer traffic nationally. 2) EXPANDED LEADERSHIP BY LEVERAGING PROFESSIONALS’ INFLUENCE Hosted largest art conference for 500 international professionals that stirred a big wave among China art practitioners. Built visit habits with Chengdu’s biggest art graffiti & cross-over merchandise with fashion brands. 3) OPENED NEW SALES CHANNEL WITH SOCIAL COMMERCE Converted social engagement into actual sales with ordering of exclusive merch from CDIFS’ WeChat platform, but to be collected at the mall to bring traffic back offline.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

- 1,700 local and international media stories, earning 650+ million views. - 5+ million brand mentions in Baidu (national search engine), 10 times better than targeted growth - 117% traffic growth during the festival period, including 8 million visits to the art show. - 124% percent sales growth, 4 times better than market average - Exceptional growth in young affluent target categories: 141% growth in fast fashion, 135% in watches and jewelry, 132% in sports, 121% in luxury - 26 international brands joined CDIFS as new tenants within six months, a direct result of the brand’s overseas exposure. - Successful collaboration with French brands helped CDIFS become the only Asian brand that won a Heavent Gold Award - CDIFS’ investment in experience had reduced the consumers’ marketing rebate to 1%, which is just 1/5 of the industry norm, and set a new benchmark for the shopping mall industry in China.