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Sean Kenney Sean Kenney Design, Inc. CEO

Why is this work relevant for PR?

With an aim to prolong stay time of the customers which proven to have positive impact on the sales, Chengdu IFS launched the awarded international art show: Nature Connect, and elaborated the concept into Chengdu’s largest EDUTAINMENT program, with digital engagement such as QR code info, AR booths. Core marcom support came from the social posts, viral video & H5 games in CDIFS’ & KOLs’ own branded channels, in-store posters & printed newsletter, huge outdoor signages & LED monitor of the mall, with NO paid ATL advertising.


BACKGROUND Competition of Chengdu shopping mall industry doubled in a year! Young families are the fastest growing segment, and CHENGDU IFS’ (CDIFS) previous family-targeted campaign achieved 20% overall YOY sales growth. Growing this profitable segment is a top priority for expanding market share. CHALLENGE 1) FAMILY TARGETS-CDIFS is the most premium shopping mall holding the top sales in Chengdu. Its distinct fashion-leader positioning lowers its top-of-mind awareness to the family-targets. 2) COMPETITION–Developers are competing to build bigger malls with more entertainment hardware like theatres and even water parks to hold family targets. KPI When Bain & Company predicted 6% industry growth in 2018, CDIFS sets aggressive targets to measure the success: - 20% growth in media exposure & social followers - 10% growth on foot traffic, total sales & VIP sales

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

BIG IDEA Everything is interconnected in the nature just like Lego, and mankind is a wonderful part of it. A connection that was totally wild, entertaining, and moving Striking the perfect balance between education, entertainment and visual engagement, CDIFS brought something new and compelling to China — the debut of New York artist Sean Kenney’s award-winning Nature Connects exhibition, along with Chengdu’s largest family edutainment program on animal endangerment, the balance of ecosystems, and mankind’s relationship with nature all emerged here in the mall, answering the variable family needs in one go. It also included a connection that both kids and young parents couldn’t resist – A Safari made from more than One Million LEGO pieces

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

INSIGHT 1) Working parents yearn for multi-purpose excitements in one trip to satisfy themselves &kids during limited family gathering time. 2) Operation data reflects that the length of family-targets’ stay time in the mall positively impacts the total consumption OBJECTIVES & STRATEGIES 1) Broadening FAMILY targets – by positioning CDIFS as must-visit destination for families in summer holidays 2) PROLONGING visitors’stay time – by enriching the in-mall experience 3) Increasing repeat visits – by offering a variety of excitement STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH NATURE CONNECTS To distinct its international positioning from local competitors, CDIFS partnered with New York artist Sean Kenney to introduce China debut of the awarded international art tour -Nature Connects. CDIFS further elaborated the concept into Chengdu’s largest EDUTAINMENT program for family on animal endangerment, the balance of ecosystems, and mankind's relationship with nature, with an aim to improve Chengdu people’s appreciation to the beautiful nature around them.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Timing: 6 weeks in summer Scale: Largest edutainment program on wild animals in Chengdu Placement: Mainly supported by free media reports, and spreading social posts/ viral video/ H5 game in CDIFS’/ KOLs’/ partners’ social channels, plus in-store posters & printed newsletter Implementation: CREATING THE URGE TO VISIT Pre-heat with branded ANIMAL STORIES in PR interviews and social media, then turned CDIFS into a must-visit destination with a spectacular safari of one million Lego pieces. EDUTAINMENT TO ENHANCE IN-MALL EXPERIENCE Prolonged consumers’ stay time with a series of video, H5 animal instinct fame and AR photo booths, which had functions facilitating sharing on social platforms. Animal-themed merchandizes to push purchase urge. VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES TO PULL REPEAT VISITS Outstood CDIFS’ role as a common platform for parents and kids with family activities to pull repeat visits, including animal drama, DIY workshops, VIP Safari night, field camps.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

BUSINESS RESULTS IN JUST 6 WEEKS OVERWHELMING MEDIA COVERAGE -550+ media reported earning 210+million views, 4.7+ web mentions in Baidu -International partnership brought exposure in regional media -Photo-friendly strategy stimulated millions of user-generated photos SUCCESSFUL CONVERSION FROM FAMILY TARGETS - 8.4+million visits, 35+% were family targets - USD 0.1 acquisition cost per foot traffic! - Exhibition visitors’ stay time was 120 mins, 300% as ordinary visitors - 359% social followers’ growth, video tour’s average stickiness was 213 seconds BREAKTHROUGH IN SALES - US$125 million sales, 300% the industry’s average - Proven profitability when sales growth doubled traffic growth - Family-oriented segments recorded outrageous sales growth vs targets, eg: 260% in electrical appliances, 260% in children’s wear EXCEPTIONAL MERITS - CDIFS’ investment in experience had reduced the consumers’ marketing rebate to 1%, which is just 1/5 of the industry norm