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Name Company Position
Ryutaro Seki DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Tomoko Ishibashi DENTSU INC. Copy Writer
Yu Orai DENTSU INC. Art Director
Ai Sakamoto DENTSU INC. Digital Creative
Yusuke Nishida DENTSU INC. UX/UI Designer
Hideki Fukuchi DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Takuya Shiomi DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Ayako Yoshinoya Dentsu PR PR Planner
Ryo Nagasawa Dentsu TEC Event Producer
Gene Brutty Google Creative
Tim Seddon Google Creative
Joe Fry Google Creative Strategy
Bryan Tanaka Google Producer
Yosuke Suzuki Google Producer
Shinsaku Ogawa meet&meet Communication Planner
Kanami Yamaguchi meet&meet Production Manager
Nao Tokui Qosmo Technical Director/Machine Learning
Robin Jungers Qosmo Machine Learning
Yuma Kajihara Qosmo Machine Learning
Junya Yamada Whatever Inc. Mobile Application Engineer
Ryuki Nagahora Bassdrum Mobile Application Engineer / Markup Engineer
Reiko Igo Whatever Inc. Markup Engineer
Comomo Kanayama Whatever Inc. Designer
Yoshihiro So Whatever Inc. Director
Taeji Sawai Freelance Sound Creator
Yuto Tamura TM INC. Designer
Yuya Nishioka MountPosition System Engineer
Daisuke Umeyama Shuhally Film Producer
Kenji Sugimoto TYO Inc. Film Producer
Yuhei Kanbe PERIMETRON Film Director
Hatunao Yamamoto DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Keitaro Yanuma DENTSU INC. Account Executive

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The ‘SketchCook’ campaign executed under Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities proved successful because it adopted a light, fun touch to a serious problem, namely the increasingly poor diets of children in developed countries. Though the primary target audience was children aged between 3 and 12 years, the campaign’s goal – to alter behavior regarding food choices – required parental involvement. The light touch, via a specially created phone app and clever AI, reassured parents that their teaching was not in question. Rather, they saw the campaign as supporting them and so widely shared the app with friends themselves.


In recent years, an imbalance in children’s diets in countries such as Japan has seen a new type of malnutrition emerge, a problem which health authorities warn must be addressed quickly to prevent it becoming a more serious challenge for advanced societies. These days, children have less opportunity to learn healthy eating habits because usually, both parents are working and so families spend less time together during mealtimes. Latchkey children tend to skip meals and avoid fruits and vegetables, and instead, snack more. In keeping with Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s corporate philosophy ʺCreating new products for better health worldwideʺ, the campaign’s objectives were to improve nutrition education for children in a fun, creative and delicious way. Moreover, the project was structured in such a way that even after the campaign ended, children could continue the learning themselves, even without parental supervision.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The strategy took as its starting point the reality that nutrition education has been taught to young children in schools and by their parents at home, but the process has not been interactive, nor is the experience fun for children. The lack of engagement in the teaching to date has meant children haven’t changed their dietary behaviors. They continue to eat only what they like without considering goodness or health. Otsuka wanted to find a way to motivate children and affect changes in their daily eating habits through an interactive, fun experience, based on something that they already love to do – by drawing pictures. The key to this was an innovative smartphone app named 'SketchCook' which is available free in Google Play and iTunes. The smartphone was chosen as the campaign tool because children among the target audience are already familiar with such devices.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

Once the app is downloaded, children are encouraged to draw their favorite dish – be it gratin, ’gyoza’, sandwiches, pancakes, soups or whatever – on a sheet of white paper in either crayon or pencil and then take a photo with their smartphone. ‘SketchCook employs machine-learning technology to interpret the meal the children have drawn – from the app’s cache of 12,000 children’s drawings – and immediately offers a variety of suggestions for ingredients, tips on preparing the dish, nutritional facts about the ingredients, plus suggestions for other dishes they can create to accompany their dish from some of the 3 million different recipes available in the Rakuten Recipe portal. All these responses are reproduced in a fun way which children can readily embrace and respond to, with the wider objective being to encourage children to try cooking the meal themselves.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

To help publicize the campaign and the app, the PR team arranged for a 'SketchCook Restaurant' to open for two days over May 19 and 20, 2018. The venue was an established restaurant in Tokyo’s up-market Meguro where children were invited to draw pictures of the dishes they love and photograph them. Then, with the app providing suggestions for alternative ingredients and cooking methods, two professional chefs were on hand to bring the dishes to life. To encourage print and electronic media coverage of the proceedings, two well-known chefs already familiar to Japanese audiences were invited and were made available for interviews and photo ops with the children and their young mothers. The interest this sparked saw the campaign used as a catalyst for a wider debate in mainstream Japanese media about children’s health, nutrition and education

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

The launch of the app in May 2018 generated over 350 articles by major domestic media such as YAHOO! News and Asahi Shimbun, a national daily newspaper, as well as on TV variety shows broadcast across Japan. The app has been used not only in homes, but also at several elementary schools in major cities in Japan as a supporting tool in nutrition education classes. After experiencing the app, all children surveyed responded positively about the experience, with comments such as ʺSketchCook is fun!ʺ and ”I learned about nutritionʺ. Otsuka received some very positive feedback from users who participated in the SketchCook launch event too. "My child immediately started helping me with the cooking" was one comment, while another participant said: "We went shopping and made dinner together."


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