CategoryC07. Use of Technology
EntrantFREEMANXP Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation FREEMANXP Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement FREEMANXP Shanghai, CHINA
Production FREEMANXP Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kestrel Lee Freeman Executive Creative Director, China
Steven Yu Freeman General Manager
Calv Tey Freeman Head of Ops
Tina Ng Freeman Senior Project Manager
Lemon He Freeman Project Manager
Zhang Xiao 张潇 Zhang Xiao Google Tilt Brush VR artist
Siniša Spasojevic Freeman Creative Technology Lead
Canso Guo Freeman Senior 3D Designer
Gianluca Amorusi Freeman Senior Brand Strategist
Jerry Kurniawan Freeman Senior Art Director
Hugo Roussel Freeman Senior 3D Designer
Kevin Chen Freeman Production Manager
Lea Huang Freeman Copywriter
Johnny Tu Freeman Senior Art Director
Yionna Zhong Freeman Associate Account Director
Summer Yang Freeman IT Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Appearing at the Shanghai Auto Show is a key PR activity for auto brands in China for 2019. With every car brand planning to launch its latest car models, earning media via social media and news media is critical. With over 1,000 Auto brands at the show, getting Chinese consumers auto and tech enthusiasts to visit its booth and experience its latest Electric Vehicle, MUSE is a challenge for ICONIQ, a relatively unknown auto brand in China. This was almost impossible unless ICONIQ spent millions of RMB in paid media to stand out during this period of time.


China is the world’s largest automobile market since 2018. But with a car ownership rate that remains low, at 141 cars per 1,000 inhabitants (compared with around 600 in Western Europe and 800 in USA), the country is constantly attracting existing and new carmakers.That's why the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show has become an international stage to showcase the latest car models, concept cars, electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous driving vehicles to millions of visitors for this 8-day event. ICONIQ Motors, an unknown EV car brand, had to showcase Muse, its autonomous electric concept car, as the future of mobility at its Shanghai Auto Show booth with over 1000 local & international car brands fighting for attention. To attract new fans and potential drivers, ICONIQ needed its cars and its vision of integrating autonomous EVs, robotics and AI to stand out at the Auto Show. An almost impossible challenge.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Our idea, "Tomorrow’s Technology. Today’s Lifestyle", sought to fast forward ICONIQ’s future vision to the present day Shanghai Auto show. From research, ICONIQ believes electric vehicle users in China are those born in the 1980s onwards and are willing to accept new technologies as they are used to technology innovations changing their lifestyle. To bring ICONIQ's vision of the future into the present day, we had to create a media event experience that showed ICONIQ's vision of integrating AI, Information visualization, Online Integration, EV and new mobility technology that focuses on the passenger, not driver experiences, which was a communications approach that's unheard of at an Auto Show.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

The agency also pioneered the use of Google Tilt Brush artist i.e. Zhang Xiao at a China Auto Show. Using social listening, we found Zhang who was a devoted fan of ICONIQ and its desire to create the next step of mobility by combining art and science in its electronic cars.  Contrary to the secrecy associated with creating new art or launching a new car, we decided to engage him to do both openly by “leaking” his work on social media about ICONIQ's future vision concept car, Muse. The artist would “paint” Muse via original unique immersive VR art using Google Tilt Brush to promote and tease the Chinese public with a sneak preview of the fusion of art, AI, EV and mobility technologies on display at ICONIQ’s Shanghai Auto Show booth, a first for a Chinese auto show. Visitors will get a chance to bring his art home too.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The VR artist created his art on the first 2 media days at the Shanghai Auto Show at ICONIQ's auto show booth. Fusing art, AI and mobility technologies as a live performance, this was another first time ever innovation for a Chinese auto show. After his performance, media guests downloaded his art as a unique brand keepsake. Media guests were surprised by AI-driven engagement via a LCD wall chatbot at the reception, which answered questions about ICONIQ as a brand and its technologies. The chatbot also introduced the CEO and his speech. For F&B, a robot bartender served personalized coffees and cocktails, named after ICONIQ car models in the WeChat ordering app. It helped served drinks to visitors sitting in the car. This drink and ride experience reminded guests that ICONIQ's EVs focus on the passenger experience. Media guests also became ICONIQ's social fans via WeChat app engagement.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

ePR i.e. social and online PR engagement and visibility numbers: 1] 24,248,000 total live streaming & video post views 2] 16,448,000 total post reads on Weibo & WeChat 3] 8,231,000 total hashtag views & social engagement 4] 16,420 total visitors check-in via WeChat mini app 5] 8,016 (3531.28% increase) total of new WeChat followers, which was an almost 50% conversion of the visitors at ICONIQ's Shanghai Auto Show booth